WOD Saturday 16/07/2011

5 Rounds for time:
200m Farmers Carry 50kg (40kg)
15 GHD Sit-up
25m Burpee Broadjump

Post load and time to comments.

Congratulations to the T-Birds on their great news!!

12 Comments on “WOD Saturday 16/07/2011

  1. M A N – S H O W E R part 2!

    Cheers guys, we are very happy.


  2. congrayes Mr&MrsT, u are both so good togeather ans baby makes three ! you ate both lookn great and both glowing, goid on yous 🙂 best wishes fron Vibeke & I. i

    • ps , im am not pissed by the way! just typing on a small keyboard and not expanding the field of vision until after you enter send 😉 congrates

  3. Is this where we carry 2x40kg bars? Not 40kg total? Did you make a mistake and mean to say 20m??? I sure hope so!

  4. haha mel!!
    congratzz the T’s!!! !:)))
    cant wait to see itt!!! hehe

  5. 8am
    Brendan 29.00
    Scotty.E 31.29
    Tommy 18.10 rxd
    Paula 24.00
    Lynda 28.29
    Mull 37.37 rxd
    Tanners 20.46 (mod)
    Gill 21.17 (mod)
    God 22.57
    Barbs 21.37 (mod)
    Tim 24.32
    Eliza Intro (Welcome)

  6. Yeah BIG CONGRATS to the T-Birds, wish u both all the very best with it all!!

    Man Shower 2, Bring it!!

    Who will bring Man Shower 3?? Maybe Cliffo, Zanki, Brucey??

  7. Don’t even dream of bringing Lee into this – maybe LOCKSTOCK???

  8. Yesssssss, Stockton will b the next engaged and havin a kid!