WOD Saturday 22/09/2012

For time:
60kg (42.5kg) Thruster, 15 reps
Run 200 meters
42.5kg (30kg) Thruster, 20 reps
Run 400 meters
30kg (22.5kg) Thruster, 30 reps
Run 800 meters

Jeremy Thiel 10:05, Michael Winchester 11:10.

Post load and time to comments.

Wish our 4551 Mudders all the best as they sign their lives away on the death waiver. The team have a confirmed 10.30am start!!

6 Comments on “WOD Saturday 22/09/2012

  1. Is anyone at the box this afternoon? I cannot make it this morning but would
    Like to do this wod

  2. Be safe,be happy,good luck!!!!! 4551erssssss tough mudders go get some!!!!!!!!

  3. 8am
    Mel P 16.19 rxd
    Lynne 17.33 (35-22.5kg)
    Sue 15.02 (12kg mod)
    Mitch 11.08 (30kg across)
    Mimsy 16.23 (12kg mod)
    Mull 17.29 rxd
    Jenny B 12.10 (30-20kg)
    Chazza 17.07 rxd

  4. Great job Tamara and assistant coach Will!!:)
    Plenty of Girl Power this am where was all the Man Power???

  5. hey guys couldn’t make it in this morning so did this one at home… 40kg for first 2 rounds then 30kg for the last round 12.51mins