WOD Saturday 23/02/2013


Ten rounds for time of:
11 Chest to bar pull-ups
22 Front squat, 35kg (25kg)

Post load and time to comments.


25 Comments on “WOD Saturday 23/02/2013

  1. Happy Birthday Bianca have a super special day on the farm!!!:) Awesome photo:)

  2. Happy birthday B. I hope you have a rooly rooly great day 🙂 xx

  3. Yeeeeeeaaaahhh!!! I am the best !!! Rooly rooly truly ! Love yer guts guys!!! Xxx

  4. Happy birthday B!! Here’s hoping you have an absolutely amazing day and Petey spoils you with love and sweet potatos… 😉 xx

  5. 6.45am
    Mick 24.35 rxd
    Justin 27.50 rxd
    Greg 29.16 (30kg)
    Marty 35.40 (20kg)
    Randy 28.15 (30kg)
    Lynne 24.05 (20kg)
    Locky 23.32 (20kg)
    Megzi 27.42 (25kg) 7 rds
    Chelsea 20.15 (12kg) 6 rds
    Matty F 25.25 (30kg)

    Cliffo 28.40 rxd
    Sue 28.32 (12kg)
    Keiffy 25.01 (35kg) 8 rds mod
    Ellen 37.37 (20kg) mod
    Brucey 37.37 rxd
    Tommy 25.35 rxd
    Paula 24.45 (25kg) mod
    Liv 34.56 (22.5kg)
    Chazza 28.35 (25kg) 6 rds mod
    Bryce 33.56 (25kg)
    Mitch 40.02 (30kg)
    Jen K 34.36 (20kg)
    Kelly 30.53 (6kg)
    Pete 37.28 rxd
    Bianca 33.23 (25kg) mod
    Lozza 30.47 (25kg) mod
    Pauly R 22.40 (20kg) mod
    Shano C 38.12 rxd
    Alan 11.54 (35kg) 5 rds
    Jenny B 22.20 (20kg)
    Jakob 28.30 (20kg) mod
    Tracey.C Intro (Welcome!!)

  6. 10 rounds 11 x strict pull ups – 22 x 35kg front squat 25:35 that sucked
    JUst a lazy 5km run witha 10kg back pack later 🙂

    HAppy birthday wonder woman 🙂

  7. First off of course, happy birthday B. Great pic too. And second, as always, much thanks to the guys and gals that pushed me to finish today. Nothing like having all that support pushing you through to the last rep.

      • Marty! You were right!!! This was horrible. Bday plans all gone to the shitter. We still on the couch

  8. Daily Fuel link on top guys – dont forget to check it daily

  9. Happy Birthday Bianca 🙂 Hope you have a great day ! Thanks heaps guys for all the encouragement, especially at the end. Also, pretty sure my time for today should be 34min not 24min – finished around the same time as Martin

  10. Happy birthday B . Hope you have had an awesome day so far! 🙂

  11. Happy birthday B! I’m not surprised you’re still on the couch – that was a tough day at the box. Thank god for rest day tomorrow!! Have a good night guys, whatever you decide to do 😉

  12. Happy birthday B. Awesome effort Marty and Lynne. Legs seizing up now!