WOD Saturday 29/10/2011

In Teams of 2 complete:
Burpee Mile (1.6km)

(Organise a partner if you like, come in and complete the distance between your team of 2. Remember to bring shoes, tape etc.)

Cherry picking is not an option!!

14 Comments on “WOD Saturday 29/10/2011

  1. 8am
    Shano.C 1.09.13

    Cliffo/Brenno 1.01.15

    Corina/Kristen 1.06.06

    Mimsy 20.00

  2. Awesome work to the morning crew for braving today’s WOD!! To Shano for flying solo, wicked effort!

  3. I didnt see Shano G there haha, was epic.. I hate burpees

  4. If I wasnt at work I would have actually participated in this one, always thought it would be a good challenge after seeing that guy on you tube….
    Well done to everyone that did it!! 🙂

  5. Great Pic Louise!

    Raging I missed this WOD – would have been a good one.

    • Kazza, do you want to do it with me tmorrow afternoon? I work till 3.30 so maybe at like 4 – 4.30?

  6. Tanners it was a good challenge definately do it but wear protection for your hands! Thanks Corina great partner. Wish my legs were longer cause I reckon we did over 600 burps!!! Shano u were inspiring and kept unreal technique well done! Finally Mick u r a legend always encouraging, and enthusiastic and have complete faith in us crazy crew thanks for the text that forced me out of bed hahahaha

  7. *Sundays repeat of saturday for some who didnt make it on saturday.

    Big thanks to Tanya for the motivation for the sunday session
    Also to Louise for joining us for the workout,
    And to Brendan, Shane and Oxana for the team support 🙂

    Instead of a 3 person team, we all did individual attempts…

    Tanya(800m) – 1:19.53,
    Chase(800m) 57.29,
    Louise(400m) 45:50

    • Was a great and terrible afternoon haha
      Please pass on my thanks to Oxana for her time and encouragement, you did a great job Chase, awesome broadjumps!!

      • atleast i attempted it…haha, chase and tanners, you’s did awesome!!

  8. Sorry about late post as had to go cool down with some bevies – cheers to Albert for encouragement and video footage bahahaha a constant reminder of distance and time.
    P.s I shoulda got instructions as I did the full burpee then broadjump i.e jumped up in air – fecking edjit I am!  so possibly could have finished quicker

    Karen (1.6kms) 1:12mins