WOD Saturday 30/06/2012

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Front squat 42.5kg (30kg)

Post load and time to comments.

Ange works her way through handstand push-ups!!

12 Comments on “WOD Saturday 30/06/2012

  1. 8am
    Karen sick
    Sue 13.19 (12kg)
    Pete 9.18 rxd
    Lynne 11.21 (20kg) Welcome
    Alan 6.31 rxd
    Megan 9.41 rxd
    MacDaddy 9.39 rxd
    Jayden 9.25 rxd
    Lauren 9.07 (male rxd)
    Mel.P 16.07 rxd
    J.F.K 7.03 rxd
    Harro 9.11 rxd
    Flick 14.34 (12kg)
    Mick 6.21 rxd

  2. hey guys as some of you might know tomorrows WOD is a 10km run
    i was thinking about opening the box up at 3pm instead of 5.30pm so everyone can run in the light not dark
    please comment back if you are for or against this idea, cheers!!

  3. Congratulations Mel you did an awesome job hope your hands recover quickly you were bloody awesome on those pull ups!!
    Thankyou heaps Karen feel better soon!!
    Welcome Lynne you where awesome!!!

    • Sue you’re so funny – “BLOODY awesome Mel” haha.
      You did really good yourself Sue. You smashed out those last pullups like a pro! You’ve come a long way already. Keep it up :)

  4. Hell Bells – Mel P you did yourself proud chick on your Pullups good on you girl hope your hands heal quickly ha ha ha.
    Sue loved seen your determination and especially getting into your pullups they were awesome and dito to your comment – Welcome Lynne and look forward to sharing many a WOD with you

  5. Thanks Megan!!! You are unbloody believable how good you are at everything !!!Ha Ha!!! Love your work!!!
    Aidan doing the 8am because I think I will still be pushing it to get in before dark thankgod for the SES !!!!Just in case they have to come find me missing in action/dead!!!! They are super people!!
    Great idea for the arvo guys though!

  6. My workout today – 1km run, 1km row, 1km bike x 2 – time 24.19

  7. Carlie 12.36 20kg
    Cliff 5.49 rxd
    Dale 9.14 rxd
    Kurt 9.14 rxd
    Corina 12.44 rxd
    Chase 11.28 rxd
    Ali 8.45 rxd
    Aido 7.00 rxd
    Ryno 6.13 rxd
    Mull 12.00 rxd
    Dal 8.50 rxd
    Issy 15.57 rxd
    Fiona 14.46 rxd
    Liz 13.58 20kg

    Awesome session this arvo, great turnout lets keep it up guys
    Great effort by the girl smashing wods with unassisted pullups it’s great to see!!
    Tomorrow afternoons session will be run at 4pm so come in and get your jog on, yew see you all then

  8. Congratulations mum on RXD tonight.. not. Hahaha nice typo Aido

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