WOD Sunday 01/07/2012

NOTE: Today’s 5.30pm session has been changed to 4pm. This change is only for today due to the run and will be back to 5.30pm as per normal the following week/s.

Run 10km

(As per normal we will have multiple scaling options on offer)

Post time to comments.

Considering 5g=1tsp of sugar, that’s alot of damage in a can!!

15 Comments on “WOD Sunday 01/07/2012

  1. Will b at 4pm session, actually lookin forward to it, cheers

  2. 8am
    Karen – mobility
    Mick 41.20
    Megan 45.38
    Alan 41.07
    Suz 59.26
    Sue 34.09 (5km)
    Lynne 26.19 (5km)
    Stevo 51.15
    Lauren 51.57
    Corina 58.38
    Kurt 49.40
    Dal 52.28
    Mull 1.00.03
    Bianca 53.21
    Pete 46.59
    Harro 48.11
    J.F.K 44.55

  3. Congratulations to everyone on a beautiful Sunday morn what a fantastic effort guys you are awesome!! Thankyou Karen and Marlie for cheering us on!!x

  4. Top morning for a tough WOD, great to see an awesome turnout!

    Well done to top dogs of the morning Alan “Abs” Hindmarsh and Megan “Abs” Hindmarsh on top spots for men and women. Well done Sue on completing your run without stopping, i remember this was one of your first WODS and remember seeing you after it and compared to today that’s amazing. It goes to show how much your hard work and consistency is paying off mate, well done!!

    I wonder if the 4pm will turn up two nights in a row or were they all com in in yesty so they didn’t have to come today?? Very interested!!

  5. Hey guys off up north for training for my new job will be away a couple of weeks but will do as much Crossfit as possible and will post my wods. Keep training hard and I will see you all soon. Ps awesome 10km scores.

  6. Good luck Ryno and hope to see u getting back regularly.

    10km a little far for me right Michael . Well done everyone see u in two weeks

  7. Wish I was in for this one.. Marked out a rough 10k in the car out in the middle of nowhere.. No time though

  8. 4pm
    Aido 46.25
    Mep.P 1.01.20
    Ali 1.00.32
    Tanner 31.38 5km
    Flick 58.36
    Issy 56.46
    Fiona 35.52 5km

  9. Sorry for missing the arvo session guys~
    did the wod at home on the “trusty” treadmill..
    so technically i knocked out a 9.9~~? km run in about 57 mins
    (was on the home stretch, hitting the run harder, and phone kept bouncing and changing the song, so i mightve snapped and hit the phone.. which knocked out the emergency thing and the whole thing turned off on me.. NO REP haha)

  10. Go Ryno you will be awesome where ever you are go hard and fast!!!!!!!! Goodluck with your new job!

  11. Never thought I could run ten k’s at an ok pace no stopping! Thanks Aido