WOD Sunday 03/02/2013


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings 24kg (16kg)
12 Pull-ups

Nate Schrader 7:34 (2 pood KB, the only KB available).

Post load and time to comments.


31 Comments on “WOD Sunday 03/02/2013

  1. Happy Birthday Tommy!!!!:)Wow you are an amazing athlete and person if that’s what I can look forward to in my next few months of being 44 bring it on you are an inspiration and you are a top bloke and family man so have a bloody awesome 45th and go the next year!!!!!:)The End

    • Thanks Sue. Hey and who would have thought that you would be doing a triathlon! You have come so far so quick… Enjoy it

  2. Guys Sue is kicking off at 7.30am and Smokin at 8.55am. Would love to know what time Suz heads off also if anyone has heard??

    I will be heading down straight after the 8am session to try catch the end of Joes as Sue will already have gone. Make sure we get in for “Helen” tomorrow and we can all head down afterwards 🙂

  3. Happy birthday tommy!!!. Yesterday’s work wod. Strength back squats 5-5-5- press 5-3-1

  4. Happy birthday Tommy have a great weekend, Mick I kick off at 7.30 with sue

  5. Good luck to all out CrossFit triathletes today!

    Happy birthday Tommy 🙂

    I won’t be in today as I am working 🙁 But I will get something done and post it later.

    • I was able to get on the bike during my break at work and do some interval training for 30 minutes and then did some mobilising of my shoulder, after yesterday’s WOD it was really needed. The bike was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be!

      I am looking forward to getting in tomorrow and setting some new goals 🙂 Better get back to the kitchen and “help” Mull prepare the rest of our food for the week 😉

      • As much as you just made this sound like you weren’t helping, you did big helping today, well done!

  6. Thank you guys . Love all the comments! It’s a landmark year turning 45 and heading into the masters comp.

    Good luck Smokin , sue and suzzie. I would have enjoyed doing the tri myself if I was not away. I am sure that you guys will enjoy it.

    • Me too Tommy I’m 45 in October and 25 years married Oct so I thought this year make it filled with first’s!!!!!!:)

  7. Happy birthday dad! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day! You deserve it after all of your hard work(: you have made us all so proud! Love you xxxx

  8. Happy birthday Tommy from me and Al. Hope you’re having an awesome time in Noosa 🙂


  10. 6.45am
    Matty.F 10.03 rxd
    Mick 7.54 rxd
    Scotty.E ??
    Simmo ??

    Mel.P 11.34 rxd
    Stevo 11.37 rxd
    Brucey 11.18 rxd
    Macdaddy 13.43 rxd
    Hayles 9.24 rxd
    Locky 7.37 rxd
    Cliffo 11.18 rxd
    Ellen 13.26 (12kg)
    Pete 9.30 rxd
    Bianca 8.47 rxd
    Jen.K 12.43 (12kg)
    Brenno 11.53 (16kg)

    Sorry Scotty and Simmo I didn’t get your times, could you please post them for me 😉

  11. Happy Birthday Tommy!!! hope ur having a fab weekend.

  12. Shane and dad did Helen in the garden this afternoon
    Shane: 8.31 RXD
    Tommy: 7:36 RXD

    • Sorry guys. I checked the run distance and it was only 320m

  13. Home WOD (at the box)

    Corina 400 metre runs x 7, every 3 minutes (average time per run 1.50)

    Kurt 400 metre runs x 10, every 3 minutes (average time per run 1.40)

  14. Work WOD 3 rounds for time
    400m run
    21 kettle bell swings 24kg
    7 dumbbell push press 50kg

  15. Happy birthday Tommy!
    Got completely and utterly sidetracked at the tri this morning and missed the session, spewing, coz Helen is my fav of the girls! Did an approx 2km run, I’m assuming, coz it took me just over 11 mins and then a 2km row and some pushups and snatch work.

  16. Todays wod Caloundra Tri 400m swim,15km cycle,run 4km
    Total time 1.37.04
    Swim 13.21 Thankyou Clifford you rock and no life guard!
    Cycle 54.08 Mountain Bike!!! I want an expensive posh bike envy!!!!
    Run 29.34 With pit stop for loo sorry coach!!! And numb foot I know suck it up I was!!!! Thankyou 4551 you guys are awesome and Joe and Susie you got some and kicked it well done!!!!:)