WOD Sunday 06/01/2013


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13 Comments on “WOD Sunday 06/01/2013

  1. Yesterdays Work wod. Yesterday’s wod done on the smith machine @ 47kg 10.50

  2. Won’t be in today crew. Will do this Wod 2moro on rest day. Go Heavy!! 😉

  3. Mull and I did yesterday’s WOD before I started work this morning.

    Mull 13.55 (40kg)
    Dal 12.42 RXD

    We will do today’s strength session after I finish work today 🙂

    • Congratulations Lyndal that is a fantastic time love the girl power!!

    • Trick time dal! And I heard you did it the hard way too!

    • Thanks girls 🙂 I love overhead stuff 😉

  4. 8.00am
    Randy 55-75kg
    Sue 20-27.5kg
    Alan 40-60kg
    Justin S 60-80kg
    Matty F 65-95kg
    Hayley 20-45kg
    Simmo 60-80kg
    Richo 40-65kg
    Lozza 40-65kg
    Pete 47.5-72.5kg
    Disco 60-87.5kg
    Paula 20-45kg
    Tommy 55-80kg
    Woggy Tech
    Lock Stock 50-80kg
    Sticksy 50-80kg
    Ellen 20-32.5kg
    Corey 60-80kg
    Bianca 55-85kg
    Mel P 40-65kg
    Brenno Deadlift Tech
    Mull Tech
    Stevo 40-60kg
    Jen K 6-20kg
    Alana 25-30kg
    Suz 20-35kg
    Rach 25-30kg
    Megzi 25-40kg
    Kurt H 80-100kg
    April Skills
    Elliott 20-40kg Welcome

  5. Beast of a time for yesterdays WOD Dal geeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! Well done 🙂

    Crackin turnout this morning guys, love the big group atmosphere. The quality is improving for sure and it’s bloody fantastic to see people acknowledging faults and working to improve them. Awesome to see quality getting the front seat over quantity.

    Who knows if the numbers stay this consistent over the next few weeks we may need an earlier weekend session 😉

    • Thanks Mick 🙂 Too bad I had to work all weekend and couldn’t get in to train with the crew. An early session on the weekend would be awesome! Will see you all for goal setting tomorrow.

  6. Workout today – 20 x 100m sprints every 30 seconds followed by a 1000m row to cool down

  7. Definite awesomeness Lyndal!! Boomsauce!!! Great sesh today with rocking crew, hands up for that again! Thanks Mick and coaches!