WOD Sunday 13/01/2013

Front Squats

Post load for start and finishing sets to comments.

17 Comments on “WOD Sunday 13/01/2013

  1. Look at Cliffy – always has to be the centre of attention 😉
    Thanks for the stretching session Cliffo – defs needed it after that session!

  2. Couldn’t make it in so went for a 5km run tonight, 24:01

  3. Won’t be in this morning Mick. Will post my afternoon Wod. Have fun kids!!

  4. Hi Mick just to let you knowthe the link to Mobility WOD doesn’t seem to be working……

  5. 8am
    Megan 35-40kg Tech
    Cliffo 80kg across
    Mick 80-115kg
    Alan 80-100kg
    Lynne 30-62.5kg
    Sue 27-47.5kg
    Disco 80-110kg
    Greg 40-85kg
    Brenno 60-80kg (Back Squat)
    Brucey 50-90kg
    Mel.P 40-75kg
    Lozza 40-75kg
    Jen.K 30-42.5kg
    Martin 30-55kg
    Locky 50-90kg
    Keiffy 75-110kg
    Justin 115-132.5kg
    Stevo 40-85kg
    HAyley 25-60kg
    Mull 45-65kg
    Matty.F 80-112.5kg
    Wog Tech
    Paula 25-57.5kg
    Tommy 70-105kg
    Livdogs 40-67.5kg
    Corina 40-67.5kg
    Heidi 20-37.5kg
    Aido 50-95kg
    Bryce 40-72.5kg
    Misch 40-72.5kg
    Pitas Tech
    Ellen 30-50kg
    Sarah 20-32.5kg
    Rach 25-45kg

  6. About a 375m swim in the passage without swimming into a group of tourists like yesterday!! Charter Boat!!!!!

  7. 2km run + 1km row

    Bench press 10-10-10 (40kg)

    Front squats 5-5-5-5-5 (30kg)

    Shoulder rehab mobility

    Went light, focusing on keeping my shoulder in its correct position (it didn’t like it very much!) This light weight stuff is killing me !!


    1.6km Run

    5 rounds of:
    30 Sit Ups
    20 Squats
    10 Push Ups

    1.6km Row

    Smokin: 24:56
    Scott: 31:13

    Big Dogs No Want Eat Anymore….

  9. Wod at home 15 front squats (45 kgs)
    15 push ups
    150 meter run
    Got 5:46

  10. 25kg-65kg plus 30min interval running, miss marli needed a sleep in today, been a big week, sorry we didn’t make it in