WOD Sunday 22/07/2012

21-15-9 reps for time of:
100kg (70kg) Deadlift
42.5kg (30kg) Thruster

(Nicole Carroll 3:36, Michael Giardina 4:01.)

Post load and time to comments.

What’s your reason??

10 Comments on “WOD Sunday 22/07/2012

  1. My reason after everything I had tried!! I really needed and had to find something/someone that would push me every day to help make my body and mind stronger and healthier!! And I want to look like those crossfit girls in the video!!!!!! My reason thank God I have found it at last is Crossfit 4551 a community that really give a shit!!!!!

  2. It’s simple really – you either love it or not!

  3. 8am Weight listed in order of: (Deadlift/ Thruster)
    Karen 9.22 rxd
    Megan 5.21 (60/25kg)
    Alan 4.13 (70/30kg)
    Sue 6.17 (30/12kg)
    Simon 4.25 (60/25kg)
    Bianca 4.15 rxd
    Pete 3.59 (80/25kg)
    Harro 6.18 (70/30kg)
    Mel.P 9.49 rxd
    Livdogs 9.52 (50/25kg)
    Carlie 11.49 (45/22.5kg)
    Dal 4.29 rxd
    Mull 9.45 rxd
    Mick 4.55 rxd

    • Lauren 5.49 rxd
      Jaydos 7.41 80/40
      Kurt.N 5.39 70/30
      Corina 8.45 60/25
      Matt.f 7.52 rxd
      Cliff 6.24 rxd
      Stu 7.53 rxd
      Chase 7.24 70/30
      Aido 9.52 rxd
      Suz 9.14 60/25
      Ryno 13.50 rxd

  4. Run 400m, 21 burpees, 21 situps, run 400, 15 and 15
    Run 400, 9 and 9… time(9.50)

  5. Stevo you are amazing how you find that motivation on your own all the power to you congrats!!!

    • Thanks Sue… not much else to do out here 🙂

  6. Sorry I didnt hang around to help count tonight everyone, but had to be somewhere. Well done though,, great wod,

  7. Far out Lauren! I’m amazed you can even move your arms, let alone do that wod after rxd-ing yesterday!! That’s incredible!

    • Cheers Mull. Didn’t think I’d be able to after not being able to lift my arms when I woke up. They are feeling pretty good now. Goes to show its best to keep moving even if your fatigued 🙂