WOD Sunday 26/08/2012

Push Press

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16 Comments on “WOD Sunday 26/08/2012

  1. Okies, I can’t get into Chiro till tuesday, is anyone good at getting into specific muscle groups and doing one of the morning sessions??? pls pls pls ha ha – I’m so sore n twisted right now and just need someone to get into it till tuesday

    • Karen I wouldn’t say good but I will be there on Monday with my Penny notes!! I can’t help you today other wise most definately would of. Because I’m getting sore and twisted on the now 10km run!! Yes I am packing it!!!!!

    • kaz – epsom salts bath as hot as u can handle for 20 mins – try stretching or massage afterwards..

  2. 7.30am
    Dal 75kg
    Mull 50kg
    Lynne 47.5kg
    Stu 70kg
    Alan 57.5kg
    Megan 41kg

    Mel P 50kg
    Simmo 60kg
    Stevo 75kg

  3. Just wanted to share my super news!!! Thanks to Crossfit 4551 I had the courage and fitness! To run the whole 10km run today time 1hr 13min pretty dam stoked!!!!!

    • Sue that is friggen awesome babes so proud of u achieving this – friggen awesome time too chick. Going great darling.

    • Congratulations Sue! That is an awesome achievement. I love following you and your massive improvements everyday 🙂

      • That means heaps Lyndal because you and Mel are awesome girl power!!! Thankyou!!!

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    • Seriously Cliff you will wear the bell out you rocked it well done!!!

  5. Just saw Sue on the tv with her crossfit gear. Represent! Good effort mate!

  6. Holy crap Sue, u were just on the 9 local news in Victoria, represent mate u are famous!!

    • Thankyou Crossfit 4551 you got me to the line and over it! A week ago I asked Mick do you want me to wear my singlet or not I did not want to dissapoint you all I wanted to do 4551 proud!! Mick said yes and all I can say is thankyou for the belief in me!!! Free advert must be equal to no burpesssssss!!! Thankyou 4551