WOD Thursday 01/09/2011

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20minutes.
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

(Chris Spealler 38 Rounds, Gill Mounsey 28 Rounds)


As Many Rounds as Possible in 20minutes.
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One Legged Squats (Alternating Legs)
15 Pull-ups

Post Rounds and extra Reps to comments.

Congratulations to our PB Champion of the month, Clifford “BN” Davis, this is the second time Cliff has won the award, enjoy the massage Cliffo!!!!

Cliff’s achievements for the month include:

* ‘FGB’ 366 rxd
* ‘Nate’ 12+2+4+6 rxd
* Back Squats (5′s) 100kg
* ‘Elizabeth’ 7.12 rxd
* ‘Murph’ 43.26 rxd
* ‘Nancy’ 15.16 rxd
* ‘JT’ 10.16 rxd
* Squat Snatch 60kg

24 Comments on “WOD Thursday 01/09/2011

  1. Well done Cliffo – you are just MASSIVE mate!

  2. Well done Cliffo…remember to take the mankini off
    During the massage 🙂

  3. 5.45am
    Shano. G 15+5+10+10 rxd
    Mel 13 rxd

    Nick.Z 8+5+10+8 rxd “Mary”
    Adam 15+5 rxd
    Kurt 9+5+3 rxd
    Corina 14
    Scotty.T 10+5+2 (mod)
    Sheree 5.10 “CF MUM”
    J.F.K 15 rxd
    Brendan 9+5
    Kristen 12+5

    Ryno 25+5+10+14 rxd
    Brenno 16.20 (mod)
    Lauren 17+5+10+13 rxd
    Rob 14+5+6 rxd
    Beck.L 15+5+10+9
    John.R 7+5+10+13 rxd
    Call 16+2 rxd

    Livdogs 11+5+10+10
    Tommy 16 rxd
    Paula 11 rxd
    Andrew 16+5+10+10 rxd
    Aido 20 rxd
    Matt.H 15+5+8 rxd
    Cliffo 9+5+10+13 rxd “Mary”

    Joe 14 rxd
    Tanners 11
    Brian 8+5+10
    Karen 19+5+1 rxd
    Crossfit 12+5 rxd
    Jess 10
    Gilli 10+5
    Michelle 12+4
    Larns 6+1 rxd
    Hulk 14+5+6 rxd
    Sara 11
    Lara 7
    Shano.C 22+2 rxd

  4. OHH MY GOD! this photo cliffy made my day!
    well done. Brotherrr your massivee mann.

  5. Congrats Cliffo, not going to coment on the photo, but look at those abs 🙂

  6. Well done Cliffy. It’s hard to push out PB’s when you’re already so great, so that’s a massive effort. Did I say massive? I meant CONSTANTLY MASSIVE! Go you good thing 🙂

  7. Calippo!! Have you been flossing your bum?? I mean, working out??!? Well done mate, some pretty massive achievements there… They are all massive results!! There’s something else in that photo that looks massive… Your thumb!! That is one massive thumb!! Massive!! 🙂 seriously though, congrats mate, all very well deserved!! 🙂

    • Ha ha Tamara! Also I noticed something else that’s massive his MIRROR – jeeze

  8. Well done cliffy – they are awesome achievements to have in one month!! I have no words for the pic !!!!! 🙂

  9. Gotta love Cindy, good morning sesh. Corina is going off! Oh and happy birthday!!

    • Thanks Scotty for my birthday wishes, I had a great day with my wonderful Hubby, and thanks for your comment on my workout too, really trying hard to work towards an Rxd!!:)

  10. Is there a reason I’m shano g not shano c?? And I thought I rxd??

  11. Sorry bud all fixed!!

    What a spectacle to watch Ryno fall half a rep short of 26 Rounds today, awesome effort mate!!

    Well done to all who made it alot harder to get on the scoreboard today, great to watch!!

  12. Well done Ryno that is awesome mate.

    Who needs chris spealler when you have a RYNOOOO