WOD Thursday 01/12/2011 Summer Time!!

Hang Power Snatch

(Rest precisely 2 minutes between lifts, increment weight as needed.)

Post lowest and highest weight for working sets.

A Pumping 6pm Crew, but who is that with their butt in the air??

11 Comments on “WOD Thursday 01/12/2011 Summer Time!!

  1. 5.30am
    Megan 20-27.5kg
    Alan 20-30kg
    Courtney 20-30kg
    Mull 20-35kg
    Kristen 20-27.5kg
    Rhonda 8-12kg

    Kazzba 20-30kg
    Lynda 25-37.5kg
    Chase 20-40kg

    Lauren 20-40kg
    Cliffnuts 50-62.5kg
    Hulk 50-75kg
    Rob 30-42.5kg
    Brenno 30-55kg
    Scotty. T 30-45kg
    Rynoss 20-37.5kg
    Gilli 20-37.5kg
    Tanners 20-35kg

    Lou 12kg
    Tommy 40-60kg
    Leigha 12kg
    Mel. P 12-20kg
    Chase 24.52 (mod)
    Livdoggs 20-32.5kg
    Paula 20-30kg
    Mr Crossfit 40-57.5kg
    Hayley 6-12kg

  2. Poor Wil, he’s trying to pose for the photo but he’s facing the wrong way!!

  3. Okay guys… Clearly there is always a retard in a family. In our family… Yeah it’s me.
    WHAT IS THIS PICK ON THE NUFFY DAY!?!?!?! hahaha 🙂

    • OIII YOUUU, callingg me a kababb. get down do some cross fit cherry. haha