WOD Thursday 02/06/2011

In teams of 2-4 complete:

For time:

Run 400m
30 Burpees
30 Two-arm dumbbell ground-to-overhead (20kg/15kg DBs)
30 Toes to bar
100 foot Overhead walking lunge (20kg/10kg plate)
50 foot Sprint

Post load and time to comments.

25 Comments on “WOD Thursday 02/06/2011

  1. Im looking forward to doing this one

  2. Looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

    Was really feeling for the chick from Southern CrossFit who shredded her hands in the team WOD on Saturday having to get back on the bar and do the T2B in this WOD on Sunday. DETERMINATION! There’s a good shot of her on the Southern CrossFit site.

  3. 5.45am
    Lock Stock 19.46 rxd
    Paul 19.46 (15kg DB)

    Scotty T
    37.38 rxd


    Brucey 17.43

    Bec C 11.13

    21.04 rxd


    24.49 rxd



    Rob 12.42 (mod)

    Oxano (Welcome)
    Chase (Welcome)


  4. I’m missing out again, I want to do this workout. Can’t wait to do a workout with u all on Friday.

  5. had fun with this one today. Kurt was the man today though, onya Kurt

  6. Saw your hands on Facebook Kurt’ F?#k Me!! Was that today or yesterday mate??

  7. Well done today Kurt, hard as nails!! Some of the worst tears iv’e witnessed. Good old toes to bar!!

    We will sort it out tonight Rob, all good!

    Guys remember to get your photos and measurements done by Monday. Keep in mind only one 9.15am session tomorrow for the Public Holiday!!

  8. That cold I’ve been fighting since landing in Sydney has finally gotten me. Feel like crap and am getting worse as the day goes on. Won’t be in tonight. Hopefully feeling a bit better for tomorrow morning!

    • Sending much love n hugs your way Mel for a speedy return to normality!

  9. Mick and Team,
    This is my first ever post on the website!

    The support Corina and I have received since we started this โ€ฆ.ehโ€ฆ. โ€œfunโ€ has been overwhelming and today was yet again very humbling.

    A huge thank-you to everyone for hanging around and encouraging me to finish the WOD this morning. I reckon it would have been more painful for you than me having to sit through me only punching out โ€œsinglesโ€ on the toes to bar!

    Thanks again,


    P.s. thanks Scotty, appreciate the comment.

    P.p.s. the hands are from today Joe, and thanks, Iโ€™ll remember the tape next time!

  10. Hi Guys Just spoke to Kurt at work and told him about all your comments and he says a huge THANKYOU to you all for all the support, and to the guys from this morning, very humbling!. We will c u all tomorrow.

  11. That was a tough one 16.37 rxd
    Did 400m on treadmill

    Team of one crown gym Melbourne ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good one Tommy, would be funny watching you in the hotel gym

    • Nice one Tommy – I love reading your posts

  12. Great to see Tanners back in tonight, all fired up for a challenge!!

    Onya Tommy, love ya work mate!

  13. Thanks guys it is sometimes hard doing the wod’s on your own

    Normally I do look like right i^*#iot but tonight there was no one inthe
    Gym until I started doing the 100m lunges down the hallway. Someone came out
    Of the changing room and looked at me like I was a nutter ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hey Joe I didn’t see your WOD time are you still
    Bulking up for the challenge!!!

  15. Thanks Mick, what a wake-up call that wod was for me!! I would definitely not recommend anyone ever take a month off, it nearly killed me ๐Ÿ™
    Looking forward to getting fit, healthy and strong from the 25 day challenge and onwards and smashing out some pb’s.

    • Good spelling of definitely Tanners! Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Bahahahaha!! Tommy you funny bastard!! I woded today and yesterday, times couldn’t be measured though as I did them so quickly!! When are you back mate?? Miss ya already!!
    Kurt, Super impressive effort this morning I hear!! Gotta say I love your work!! No guts, No glory!! No blood, No heart!! Bloody impressive photo mate, pardon the pun… Hope to see everyone back at the box Monday night for the Challenge Bench Mark Workout!! Hava good weekend all. Goodnight…

    • Hahaha…Well done mate, great times. I m back tomorrow so I will see you on Monday and ready to get moving again. i feel like I ve had a month off myself…missing all the crew..