WOD Thursday 03/11/2011



Tabata Double Unders

Post load and lowest rep amount to comments.

Happy Birthday to Alli for yesterday, very sneaky!!

4 Comments on “WOD Thursday 03/11/2011

  1. Alli – Here’s wishing you very special Birthday Wishes and we’ll defo know your date for next yr you little devil! Hope you had an awesome day..X K

  2. thrusters my fav… not. as for double unders ,this white man cant jump atm ill be happy with 10 to finish lol

    • Cliffo, I bet you could do 10 double unders while chatting, drinking, pulling out some kinda dance move and probably somehow do it 1 handed if you wanted 🙂

  3. 5.45am
    Shano.G 72.5kg/10
    Lauren 57.5kg/15
    Jayden 70kg/15
    Rhonda skills
    Mim 25kg across/24 singles
    Tamara 47.5kg/14

    Karen 45kg/17
    Ali 47.5kg
    Lynda 47.5kg/5
    Gemma tech
    Brenno 60kg/7
    Cliffo 77.5kg/15
    Kristen 35kg/36 singles
    Chase 55kg/5
    Aido 70kg/12
    Lou 12kg across/45 singles

    Ryno 57.5kg/18

    Rob 60kg/25
    Corina 40kg/5
    Beck 40kg/20
    Gilli 57.5kg/10
    J.F.K 85kg/18
    Sara 50kg/16
    Dale 95kg/25