WOD Thursday 05/03/2015

Four rounds for time of:
10 Push jerk, 70kg (45kg)
100m Unbroken farmers carry, 2x24kg (2x16kg) Kettlebells

-Bar to be taken from the deck.
-Failing to keep the FC unbroken will result in the entire round to be re-started after the kettlebells have been returned.
-18min Cap.

Post loads and time to comments.



3 Comments on “WOD Thursday 05/03/2015

  1. A shout out to Hayley.G at the 9.15am on her progress of late, your strength and condition has improved out of site of late. Keep it up mate 🙂

    Also great to see our 4551 champ Bianca back in the box and just casually taking out top time for the morning crews 😉

    • Oh who knew you were so sweet michael Bonney 😉 nice to be hanging out with you guys again

      • No doubt Justin had fun chasing that one down 😉