WOD Thursday 05/07/2012


5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats 42.5kg (30kg)

Post load and time to comments.

A great video with Coach.B!!

11 Comments on “WOD Thursday 05/07/2012

  1. Today the arms….tomorrow the legs!! Bring on the pain!! 😉

  2. 5.30am
    Hulk 14.00 rxd
    Kurt.H 16.25 (40kg)
    Alan 12.35 (25kg)
    Megan 15.32 (20kg)
    Lauren 14.30 rxd
    Penny 16.00 (12kg)
    Carlie 20.56 (12kg)

    Karen 21.13 rxd
    Mick 18.09 (Row) mod
    Bianca 13.30 rxd
    Sue 18.17 (6kg)
    Mull 18.33 rxd
    Dal 14.59 rxd
    Harro 18.29 rxd
    Matty.L 15.40 (30kg)
    Pete skills

    Cliffo 14.24 rxd
    Jayden 15.58 (30kg)
    Mull skills
    Aido 13.43 rxd
    Chase 20.11 rxd
    JFK 12.47 rxd
    Harro 12+6 rxd Death by Pull-ups
    Hayley 18.08 rxd
    Kurt.N 16.53 rxd
    Mel.P 17.47 rxd
    Call 14.27 rxd

    Randy 18.28 (30kg)
    Corina 17.28 (20kg)
    Gilli 18.43 (30kg) Row
    Scotty.E 14.47 rxd
    Issy 19.31 (20kg)
    Fiona 17.58 (12kg)

  3. Congratulations Karen what an achievment!!!!! Congrats to all the other super heros as well have a fantastic day!!!

  4. Bahahaha Sue thanks for ur kind words chick – wish I had the young shoulders hey!!!

  5. A huge Congrats to Carlie, 4 months since her last cigarette and going strong, top effort dude an awesome achievement to shake the habit mate!!

  6. We found a gym in next door hotel . Had to mod to treadmill but we all did the WOD
    Charlotte 22.12 rxd
    Olivia 36 rxd
    Paula 19.31 (20kg)
    Tommy 19.39 (30kg)

    Off to the Hard Rock tonight 🙂

  7. My wod guys Crossfit mackay. Fight gone bad bit different to how we do it 224 reps RXD .