WOD THURSDAY 06/02/2014

For time:

Handstand walk 100 meters


If you fall, restart at the point of contact furthest from the finish.


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13 Comments on “WOD THURSDAY 06/02/2014

  1. Happy birthday Reiven. Yesterday’s work wod strength . 5’s for back squats and bench press 76-86. 60-68. Rest day today.

  2. Happy Birthday Reiven have a great day!:)
    Can’t wait to RXD this wod today;)

  3. CrossFit 224 WOD

    15Mins to get 1 RM C&J – 96KG (pb 1kg)
    15Mins to get 1 RM Snatch – 67.5KG (2.5kg PB)

    Happy Birthday Reiven…enjoy

  4. Happy Birthday Reiven. Hope you have a good one mate!

  5. 7 Minute AMPAP 52.5 fronts squats and box jumps – 3,6,9,12 etc – 15+17 RXD, 55kg overhead squats and skills