WOD Thursday 06/03/2014

Attempt PRs with as much warm-up, ramp-up, and rest between efforts as needed of: 
1RM Deadlift
1,000 meter Run
Max rep effort, Pull-ups


Post load, time, and reps to comments.


Our awesome mother and daughter combo!! Sue completing “Murph” in full and Cian hitting an impressive PB on her Overhead squat @ 30kg yesterday!!






9 Comments on “WOD Thursday 06/03/2014

  1. Such an awesome pair of mother and daughter combo and I have the blessing to know both of them and train next to them .!! Xoxoxo you girls rock my world .!! Xoxo

  2. Yet another couple of awesome Thompsons! Thommos rule!

  3. An AMAZING effort Cian! Wow, you are achieving soooo much in such a short time! Congratulations and well done.

    And look how far you have come Sue! Completing full Murph – that is definitely an achievement and a half.

    What a girl team! woohoo!!!!! Now Darrell and Bianca??????

  4. I had to do this at work as I am opening and closing Goodlife today.

    Ran around the Bunnings block but forgot to time it and was not doing it again (You can’t make me! :'()
    130kg deadlift
    15 pull ups

    Felt pretty flat during today’s training, hopefully that sorts itself out before tomorrow’s 14.2.
    See you tomorrow arvo 😀

  5. What an amazing team and example you set for your beautiful family

  6. Thank you beautiful friends for the kind words:) Carolyn I hope soon that Darrell will be starting and Bianca is already a total pocket rocket gym/dance machine;)

  7. Work wod. Done one of next weeks wod on Tuesdays rest day . So took rest day yesterday . Have come down with a cold so not working out tonight will be back into it as soon as I felling better.