WOD Thursday 07/02/2013

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Valerie Voboril 26 rounds (Cindy).

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.


21 Comments on “WOD Thursday 07/02/2013

  1. Happy Birthday Mitch T have an awesome day with Cindy or Mary!!!!!:)

  2. Happy Birthday Mitch – have a smashing day mate!!!

    ps. Look forward to seeing if Ryno smashes Cindy or goes for Mary!!!

    • He Killed Fran yesterday KD!! I reckon he has Mary in his sights!!

  3. Happy birthday Mitch 🙂
    Hope you have an awesome day buddy

  4. 5.30am
    Lisa 10+15 C
    Megan 13+5+2 rxd C
    Alan 21+5+6 rxd C
    Lynne 10+5+1 C
    Kelly 6+3 C
    Cathy 10+5+3 C
    Jayden 13 rxd C
    Lauren 16+5+10+7 C
    Paula 10+5+3 rxd C
    Livdogs 8rds rxd M
    Chazza 9rxd C
    Corey 20+15 C
    Shano.C 9+5+4 rxd M
    Matty.F 16+5 rxd C
    Mel.P 5+4 rxd M
    Carlie 10+5 C
    Leanne 9+510+1 C

    Mick 21+5+8 rxd C
    Alana.M 19+18 mod C
    Paul.G 15+5+10+5 rxd C
    Sue 10+5+4 C
    Stevo 13+5+6 rxd C
    Kurt 12+2 rxd C
    Jakob 6+5+2 C
    Ellen 13+1 C
    Bryce 18+5 rxd C
    Jenny.B 12+5+10+14 C
    Dal 11+5+6 mod C
    Brenno 11+5+5 C
    Lock 10+5 rxd M
    Macdaddy 13 rxd C
    Mitch 12+5+10 rxd C
    Ryno 25+5 rxd C
    Bianca 8+5+10+1 rxd M
    Cliff 10+5 mod M

    Rei 9+2 mod C Welcome!
    Harro 9+5+10 rxd M
    Hayley 9+5+4 rxd C
    Simmo 15+5+6 rxd C
    Bulldog 15+5+10+9 rxd C
    Jfk 14 rxd C
    Hulk 17+5+7 rxd C
    Pitas 9 C
    Justin 10+1 rxd M
    Smokin 18+5+8 rxd C
    Scotty 12+2 rxd C

    Wog 16+3 mod
    Larns 9+5+10+7 C
    Corina 11+4 rxd C
    Rach 10+5+5 C
    Mull 12+2 mod
    Gilli 6+5+4 rxd C
    Shelbs 9+5 C
    Martin 12+5 rxd C
    Troy 12 C
    Steven 11+3 C
    Sarah 11+5 C
    Mick.E 12+5 C

  5. Happy birthday Mitch . Cheers Karen . Thanks to everybody how helped me get though Fran yesterday couldn’t have done it without ya’s!!!!

    • Was a pleasure Ryno!! Ya hung tough on those Thrusters mate. Though how the hell do you make pull ups look so effortless??

  6. Happy birthday troncy!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and time with cindy ;)!

  7. Couldn’t make it in today
    Home workout
    20mins amrap
    5 burpees
    10 push-ups
    15 squats


  8. Hey guys, had to do this one at home today and i lack a chin up bar so i subbed those for burpees.
    Got 11 rounds.

    Also happy bday mitchy!!

  9. Haven’t been able to come in yesterday or today because I’m dying of now multiple sickness! 🙁 can’t wait to be back hopefully tomorrow or Saturday!

  10. Home wod Mary , swaped pull-ups for burpees – 13+5++8. Pistols let me down bigtime, I need some new thighs god dam you FRAN

  11. No WOD today just finished work. I’ll do cindy tomozza instead of rest day.

  12. Did WOD at perfit Crossfit Ballart
    800m run
    Then 4 Rds
    10 SDHP @ 40kg
    10 bar facing burpee
    Then run 800m

    11.56 rxd