WOD Thursday 07/07/2011

As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 minutes:
20 Double Unders
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)

Post load, rounds and reps to comments.

23 Comments on “WOD Thursday 07/07/2011

  1. Will miss this one today..in Sydney all day…enjoy it looks great

  2. I wish I could squat like cliff

  3. Might not be in today again my ankle and leg is really bad 🙁
    I would have loved to do this one.
    I’ll come and watch though 🙂
    hahahaha Scotty we all do! 🙂

  4. 9.15am
    Cherise “Fran” 6.39 rxd
    Aimee 8+20+5+6 (mod)
    Richo 4+20+3
    Rob 8+20+3
    Lynda 6+57 (mod)
    Tanners 16.37 (mod)


    Wog 11+20 rxd
    Aido 10+6 rxd
    Lauren 7+20 rxd
    Dan 4+20+4

    Michelle 6+11 (mod)
    Tanners 4+3
    Gilli 3+20+5
    Lara 5+60
    Alli.G 7+11

  5. Hey Mick – I was 6:39 for Fran. Those 10 seconds are all important! Lyndal’s turn to smash it now!

  6. That was a really fun work out! Loved it. Nearly went unbroken on the double unders until the last round and broke on 15 dam it! Can’t wait to I can get of the red band!

  7. WAR on the Coast teams:

    Team 1) Tommy/Aido/Locky/Shauno/Cherise/Larns/Paula/Tanners

    Team 2) Smokin/Ryno/Cliffo/Paul/Karen/Lynda/Ali/Liv

    Team 3) Pablo/Brucey/Nick.Z/Shano/Lauren/Gill/Charlotte/Lahnee

    Spare: Dale, Dan, Barbara

    • Those teams look HOT! In fact I would put a wager on that one of them will get very close to the River City team.

    • Hi TEAM 1 – Are we all going in tonight?? need to discus our game plan to win this thing….

  8. Chuck me down as a spare as well would love to be there

  9. Come get some guys!! Here are your WODS for Saturday. It will be run the same as the regionals, all team members must compete in at least 6 WODS each, What is your teams stratergy???

    1) 8 person WOD:

    2 push jerk
    2 front squat
    2 squat snatch
    2 full cleans

    One lift per team member. Team does 8 lifts in total.
    Teams will be allocated time for warm up.
    Each person will only have one chance to lift. Person will either lift or fail. No score for fail. No second chances!
    Teams judged by total amount of weight lifted.

    2) 6 person WOD:

    Team AMRAP
    10 minutes
    (distances TBA)

    Fireman carry approx 50 metres
    Burpee Leapfrog approx 30m
    10 bar muscle ups

    Each team nominates 2 team members per exercise (3 exercises/6 team members total). These can not change during WOD.
    Team cycles through WOD for 10 minutes
    Total number of reps

    3) 4 person WOD:

    Max pull ups
    Max HSPU
    Max KBS 24/32

    Each team member performs max reps of each exercise.
    Total team reps.
    All teams will do pull ups first, then move onto HSPU etc.

    4) 2 person WOD:

    Max deadlift
    Each person will have 6 minutes to find max 1 rm deadlift

    5) 4 Person WOD

    Amrap 8 mins:

    Double Unders
    Boxjumps (24 inch)

    Only one person can be doing one exercise at one time. However u can be completing BJ and Dbl Unders at the same time though. So one person is doing BJ whilst other on Dbl Unders. Swap whenever u want.

    6) 4 Person WOD
    Max Reps, Overhead Squats 50kg(25kg)

    While athlete does 6 alternating Turkish Get-ups (one person to do 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, 32kg Kettlebell 5 times. TGU weights must match up. Winner is the team with most reps OHS.

    7) 8 Person WOD

    1,000kg Press (For least amount of sets)

    Each member has one lift and then rotate through team until 1,000kg is reached. Can use any weight team selects. Failed reps count as attemps. Use 2 Bars and lift is performed every 30sec. Lowest total sets wins!

    8 ) 2 Person WOD

    Weighted Pull-up, 1 Rep max

    (Heaviest weight of 3 attempts) One male, One Female. Add total of 2 heaviest lifts.

    Guys i still have a few questions on some of the WODS as i only made a couple of them up, but i think we have a great range of athletes to cover all WODS, the opposition also have the WODS guys, so it’s Stratergy time!!

    Also mystery WODS will be named at the end of WODS!!

    (Expecting a capacity crowd of about 500 people, come get some!!)

    • Hey Mick – each team member needs to compete in 6 wods. Cherise said you guys changed the rules slightly, so in fact I think some people will do 7 wods!! Lucky the wods aren’t that hard so shouldn’t be too bad…

  10. Hi from Hayman Island (The Building Site)(dress code: Corporate + Hard hat + Yellow Vest)Here on the Island we have two session you have complete: The Moring session: 20min of Beck’s Crazy Moves then 50 Full Push up.COMPLETED
    The Evening session: 40 High Knees + 10 Handstand Pushups from High table + 10 Jump Squats. 12 min. COMPLETED results: 7+40+1

    Miss you all 🙂

  11. Nice Tommy and Bec!!

    Sorry to the 4pm crew for no results, can u please post them if u no your score or if your name has been missed,

    Lets get in tomorrow and sort your teams for Saturday guys!!

  12. No worries dude will head out tomorrow and finalise rules and WOD info!! Great to see your keeping an eye on us mate, bit nervous maybe??

  13. Hey Mick/Dion – I thought it was 3 wods that each person has to do? Not sure that it’s possible for everyone to do 6 or 7 with the numbers you have given per WOD??? Maybe Swimmers are fast but can’t count?? hehehehe..:-)