WOD Thursday 07/11/2013

Front Squat


Post loads to comments.


“Air Coney!!”



18 Comments on “WOD Thursday 07/11/2013

  1. What da ya know, ” white men can jump”. That’s Grant Jorden to you Big Dog. HAHA

  2. 5am
    Jen.K 45-60
    Mick.L 60-90
    Carolyn 60-80
    Aimee 45-57.5
    Lynne 50-72.5
    Kelly 25-45
    Britt 50-72.5
    Lauren.Y 30-45
    Can 70-90
    Kylie 25-45

    Stevo 85-117.5
    Nadine 50-72.5
    Corrine 20-45
    Reiven 20-62.5

    Mick.B 105-130kg
    Aido 90kg
    Millsy 30-52.5kg

    Brian.L 40-75kg
    Shelbs 42.5-70kg
    Shae 25-40kg
    Sue 35-57.5kg
    Cliff 90-107.5kg
    Bianca 100-115kg
    Kim 30-60kg
    Cian Tech
    Merv 90-107.5kg
    Kazz 25-42.5kg
    Jess 42.5-67.5kg

    Ryan.G 43-78kg
    Locky 90-107.5kg
    Harro 100-120kg
    Hayley.G ??
    Bec.M 40-57.5kg
    Gilli 55-77.5kg
    Julian 43-73kg
    Kendall 12-35kg
    Wog 90-110kg
    Kyra 30-42.5kg
    Rynoss 65-85kg
    Brian 30-80kg
    Mull 52.5-75kg
    Jimmy 60-85kg
    Sarah 20-37.5kg
    Kurt 80-107.5kg

    Jus 120-145kg
    Keffy 110-132.5kg
    Corina 52.5-75kg
    Lozza 60-82.5kg
    Pete.R 80-102.5kg

  3. 400m burpee wod
    22.33. Sub 20 Rhyno you are a freak

  4. Some cracking PB’s this morning guys, would love to hear how much you PB’d your Front Squat by!?

  5. Wow go Stevo and Lynne they are huge PBs congratulations!!!!

  6. First time doing them so that’s 107.5kg gain for me ! Don’t think I’ll beat that 😉

  7. An absolute cracking day of lifting people, honestly was one of the best i’ve seen.

    Sooooo many PB’s!!

  8. Pb’d by 2.5kg, and that was pre knee injury.. Also did my first unassisted pistols since injury!! Yew!!