WOD Thursday 09/01/2014

Back Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps


Post loads to comments.





22 Comments on “WOD Thursday 09/01/2014

  1. Nice squat bum wil.. good form kid do both your parents coach you or something …?

  2. Please don’t report me for saying this but….. I really want to bite that bum

  3. Ha ha that is so cute he is going to love that photo on his 21st;)

  4. Great bar position! This kid is already an athlete. Wil Bonney 2034 CrossFit Games Champion 😉

    • Oh I won’t be able to make it in again today so I will hit up the Goodlife squat racks for this one and post later. Yesterday I did interval rowing and press 3s. I also threw in some burpees and lunges because they are my favourites…

  5. 5am
    Kylie 30-52.5
    Ryan.G 67.5-90
    Lauren.Y 30-55
    Sam.G 60-100
    Tom.G 60-100
    Matt.G 60-100
    Brooke 32.5-60
    Carolyn 57.5-80
    Pete.B Skills
    Stevo 100-115
    Mick.L 80-100

    Latch 100-117.5
    Britt 55-76
    Emma 52.5-80
    Elisa 20-60
    Adam 60-77.5
    Wendy 20-25
    Sarah 20-28
    Corrine 20-50
    Kate 20-50
    Reiven 50-62.5
    Pete.R 100-125
    Shano.H 80-105

    Mick.B 115-130
    Russ 75-100
    Aido skills
    Carol 40-65
    Gilli skills
    Jimmy 70-90
    Ellen ??
    Richo 80-105

    Cliff 60-90
    Critta 70-95
    Sue 40-62.5
    Nadine 62.5-82.5
    Cam skills
    Trent 60-82.5
    Harro 5km run
    Sam.C 30-65
    Josie 27.5-55
    Hayley.G 50-75
    Kazz ??
    Kim 50-75
    Suz 25-45
    Bec.W 55-72.5
    Dan 80-105
    Naz 60-70

    Wog 100 across
    Keffy 120 across
    Tommy 110-140
    Sam D 50-77.5
    Mick E 115-135
    Kendall 20-55
    Bianca 90-120
    Gilli 55-82.5
    Liv Dogs 55-80
    Ellen extras
    Kurt N 100-115
    Tanners – ?
    Smokin – ?

    Kristan 60-100
    Corina 50-75

    What an awesome turnout for the morning nearing on 50, well done on the huge amount of PB’s throughout all sessions. If there are any numbers slightly off I was trying to read off a blurry pic, please post up and I’ll be happy to change for you 🙂

  6. 80kg for me (57.5 – 80)
    Got 1 and 82.5kg but fatigue set in on the second one. 🙁

  7. Mull 55kg-75kg (I think it was this, she gave me one job and I failed…)
    Dal 75-95kg

    • Nah, you got it right. Got kicked off of the squat rack before I had finished, but probably wouldn’t have gotten too much heavier than that without my knees coming in terribly, was already starting to struggle!