WOD Thursday 09/07/2015

Fear the beard!!


A) 15mins to find your 3RM:
Hang power clean


B) “Partner WOD”

AMRAP in 12mins of:
24 Deadlifts, 90kg (60kg)
Run 200m
6 Hang power cleans, 90kg (60kg)

-Both athletes complete run.
-One bar and load per team.
-Break up the reps as you like.

Post loads, rounds and reps to comments.



7 Comments on “WOD Thursday 09/07/2015

  1. Shitttt!!! The big fitty Tones, get around him! Have a great day mate!

  2. I must have got my number of rounds wrong as i finished on deadlifts. Proper window licker with no cleans in my locker!

  3. Well done guys, 60+ through the doors today!!

    Well done attendance challenge gang who both sit at 100% into week 2!!