WOD Thursday 10/01/2013

Five rounds for time of:
7 Deadlift, 125kg (90kg)
30 Squats
7 Handstand push-ups

Post load and time to comments.

26 Comments on “WOD Thursday 10/01/2013

  1. Hey everyone, Just letting you all know that we now have the ladies Blue Nanos instore now! So just to recap we have the 2 colours in mens black and orange and now the 2 colours in womens the pink and blue. Cheers

  2. No 5:30 or 9:15 Morning Crew Results?? You guys don’t Pick Cherries!!

    • Our coach was way to inspired from the morning crews he probably had to go home and have a rest after all that action!!! We don’t pick cherries either Joe!!!:)

      • Nice Save Sue. Your getting the Gift of the Gab!! 😉

    • Haha sorry guys had an intro after the morning session that pretty much lead into the 9.15am by the time I got everything sorted.

  3. 5.30am
    Alan 9.32 (115kg)
    Megan 10.11 (70kg)
    Lynne 14.49 (60kg)
    Carlie 15.16 (50kg)
    Paul.R 14.47 (30kg)
    Locky 9.53 rxd
    Paula 11.15 (50kg)
    Liv 14.35 (50kg)
    Tommy 13.45 rxd
    Chazza 10.06 (30kg)
    Cathy 14.04 (50kg)
    Matty.F 11.55 (115kg)
    Troy 11.58 (30kg)
    Jaymee 10.38 (30kg)
    Mull 13.51 (50kg)
    Mel.P 12.57 (70kg)
    Matty.Mack 13.35 (100kg)

    Pitas (Intro) Welcome
    Harro 12.39 (100kg)
    Call 8.43 (100kg)
    Greg 9.12 (20kg)
    Stu 8.20 (100kg)
    Suz 12.39 (60kg)
    Sue 12.01 (50kg)
    Cliffo 7.18 rxd
    Paul.G 11.45 (90kg)
    Jen.K 10.39 (20kg)
    Richo 4rds 15mins (100kg)
    Bryce 9.38 (60kg)
    Ryno 10.00 (100kg)
    Corey 8.50 rxd
    Stevo 13.24 (90kg)

    Wog 11.14
    Aido 11.16 rxd
    Simmo 11.32 (90kg)
    Brucey 13.04 rxd
    Keiffy 10.31 rxd
    Kurt 14.00 (100kg)
    Hayley 14.42 (60kg)
    Mitchy 12.25 (100kg)
    Scotty 12.37 (125kg)
    Shano.C 11.09 (90kg)
    Loz 11.05 rxd
    Jayden 14.05 (90kg)
    Heidi 9.40 (20kg)
    Jfk 10.03 (90kg)
    Smokin 14.01 rxd
    Pitas 8.40 (mod)

    Kelly 14.46 (20kg)
    Larns 11.54 (60kg)
    Michelle 12.15 (60kg)
    Brooke 9.49 (40kg)
    Elliot 12.05 (50kg)
    Courtney 10.18 (40kg)
    Corina 25.33 (60kg)
    Rachel 17.51 (60kg)
    Martin 14.14 (40kg)
    Tracy 15.02 (30kg)
    Brenno 17.52 (100kg)
    Daniel 13.05 (30kg)
    Bianca 11.15 rxd
    Ellen 12.32 (40kg)
    Sarah 11.13 (12kg)
    Issy 10.31 (40kg)
    Pete 10.30 (100kg)
    Justin 11.31 rxd

    Congratulations guys, another shed record with 65!!! Keep the consistent training up and high motivation towards those goals!

    • Big Nuts Davis in Da Howse!!! Crackin time Brother!! Kick Ass!!

  4. I think you boss should have a chat about your internet usage young man!

  5. Hey guys didnt make it in today so i went for a 2k run/jog haha 500 skips and 50 push ups. Got too frustrated with the double unders and didnt have a speed rope. Forgot to time it, hope everyone had fun in the shed!

  6. Feel like absolute crap so I won’t be in this arvo. I did 20 minutes of interval running, a 1km row and mobility this morning.

  7. Wow. Clifford let the massive out of the bag today !! Woot woot!