WOD Thursday 10/11/2011

Bike 15km

Then immediately after, in 5mins find:

1 Rep Max, Ground to Overhead

(Your time is taken when you enter the box. From that time the athlete then has exactly 5mins to perform the lift.)

Post load and time to comments.

Taking the new toys for a push, Cheers Pauly!!

24 Comments on “WOD Thursday 10/11/2011

  1. Thanks to the guys who lent their bikes for todays WOD. If u don’t have a bike we have enough to cover everyone so bring a helmet and tag along for something different!!

  2. Are there spare helmets for those of us who have none..?

    • Yes chase I have thrown in some extras I will be in before 9 with pump and helmets

  3. I usually take Thursdays off but I may try and get in for this one, something different is always fun!!

  4. Sorry Chase there isn’t. Everyone should at least no someone who could lend one.

    • Great link Karen, very interesting as I am also coeliac but have been ignoring or been in denial I have been eating a considerable amount of wheat and my body is really physically feeling sick. That woman is another example of why I should make the effort. Real stories are always so powerful even though my own body is screaming at me! Thanks for posting that x

  5. This is fun but also something to think about -http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DEHuJsw5OXFI%26feature%3Demail&feature=email&v=EHuJsw5OXFI&gl=AU

  6. 5.45am
    Carrianne 27.29 (2laps)/30kg
    Jayden 32.08

    Scotty.T 34.50/70kg
    Sheree “Baby Grace” 3.30
    Kazz 44.26/50kg
    Chase 45.36/60kg
    Alli 49.30/50kg
    Lynda 49.30/50kg
    Tamara “Grace” 5.02 (30kg)
    Gemma 15min Amrap 6rds
    Kristen 31.32/42.5kg
    Richo 32.40/60kg
    Suz+Marlie 49.00/45kg
    Lockstock 34.18/70kg

    Brenno 33.57/70kg
    Kurt 34.30/75kg
    Ryno 32.19/60kg

    Mr Crossfit 31.16/70kg
    Leigha 50.32/30kg
    Larns 47.00/65kg
    Tanners 46.32/45kg
    Louise 50.29/26kg
    Melissa 39.11/30kg
    Gilli 53.05/55kg
    Babs 40.57/50kg

  7. 15k on the gym bike 25.26

    Trained next steve Williams !! ( tiger woods ex caddie for the in educated ) kicked his ass

  8. Kristen you kicked ASS this am – well done girl! and RICHO you fecking dark horse you – great session this morning with everyone, although my everything hurts!

    • For my first bike ride in 21-odd years, I can be pretty happy with that!

      Kristen, that was a brilliant ride – I could not chase you down.. BTW, whoever’s bike I borrowed, thank-you!!

  9. Well done to all the guys who rocked up and had a bit of fun today, some good lifting as well!!

  10. It was bloody hot riding at 10 this am I,m mahogany as well! Damn you deegan Mr cross fit for being the only one to beat my time!! Hahaha it was really nice doing something not so unfamiliar although I,m embarrassed to show my hubby the time cause its not really race pace but it was really fun!! You made my day richo when you unveiled your Velodrome racing history after the ride I felt like a champion for keeping you off my back!!!! Loved it! Sorry Chase for giving you the dead horse bike but you probably got a great work out! Karen your spirit and have a go attitude rocks luv ya! Thanks Mick for throwing into cross fit something different!

    • Ole blacky was awesome.. i could totally have pictured batman riding it, and i bet his legs would be huge 🙂

    • Dito to you Mrs CrossFitter! I loved watching you RIDE LIKE THE WIND this morning! onya girl……..

      oh and p.s I’m Mahogony too – friggin hell I’ll have ya all talking the irish lingo

  11. That was a great change of pace….really enjoyed that one!!