WOD Thursday 11/08/2011

Push Press

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4 Comments on “WOD Thursday 11/08/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Travis 51kg (welcome)
    Jayden 67.5kg
    Brendan 67.5kg
    Paul 45kg
    Lauren 50kg

    Rob 65kg
    Chase 57.5kg
    Karen 41.12 ‘Murph’ Rxd
    Lee 70kg
    Kurt 62.5kg
    Lynda 50kg
    Adam 80kg
    Kristen 38.5kg

    Wog 80kg
    Shano 80kg
    Rob 37.03 ‘Kelly’ Rxd
    Beck 48.5kg
    J.F.K 70kg
    Chazza 45kg
    Liv 37.5kg
    Ryno 52.5kg
    Aidan 72.5kg
    Eliza 30kg
    Sara 45kg
    Brucey 75kg
    Travis 50kg
    Paula 49.5kg

    Gilli 50kg
    Tommy 80kg
    Babs 50kg
    Lazy Lazza! 40kg

  2. Hey everyone, still alive just very busy (work, uni and assessment). Still been training though. Should be in tomorrow arvo.

  3. Cheers Megan, yeah needed to do it, been missing out on a bit of training lately and good to get back into it!