WOD Thursday 12/07/2012


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

Happy Birthday Simon!!

It’s here guys, be sure to tune in tonight!!

16 Comments on “WOD Thursday 12/07/2012

  1. Wow what a way to announce their EXTRA WOD – wonder do they get to keep the bikes lucky buggers, and can you remember Michelle from our CrossFit Gymnastics Cert – Sean Lind’s chick I think.

  2. Happy Birthday Simon and welcome to CrossFit 4551 – have a great day mate

  3. Happy birthday Simo! Hope you enjoy your crossfit experience from here on in!!

  4. 5.30am (C=Cindy, M=Mary)
    Hulk 14+5+10+1 rxd (C)
    Jayden 18+5+5 rxd (C)
    Lauren 12+5+8 rxd (M)
    Megan 11+5+5 rxd (C)
    Alan 12+5 rxd (M)
    Carlie 10+10 (C)
    Cathy 9+5+10+9 (C)
    Lynne 9+5+6 (C)
    Kurt.D 13+5+10+5 rxd (C)
    Kurt.H 24+5+10+6 rxd (C)
    Shano.G 5+9 (M)
    Penny 10 (C)
    Lisa 9+15 (C)
    Matty.L 8 (C)
    Ange 10+10 (C)

    Mick 6+4 rxd (M)
    Karen 8+5 (M)
    Sue 10+5+10+8 (C)
    Suz 10+5 (C)
    Grant C 9+5 (C)
    Ryno 13 rxd (M)
    JD 7 (C)
    Paul 8 rxd (C)
    Kurt N 11+5+5 rxd (C)
    Wogboy 8 rxd (M)
    Matty F 13+5+5 rxd (C)
    Pete 15+5+10+12 rxd (C)

    Mull skills
    Simon 11+5+7 rxd (c)
    Cliffo 9 rxd (m)
    Rob 11+5+10+9 rxd (c)
    Beck 4+1 (m)
    Hayley 9+5+4 rxd (c)
    Ryno skills
    Stu 13+5+4 rxd (m)
    Mel.P 14+15+10+3 (c)
    Kristen 15+5+10+13 (c)
    Grant 13 (c)
    Jayden skills
    Tracy 12 mod

    Aido 11+5+4 rxd (m)
    Corina 10+5+9 rxd (c)
    Smokin 13+5+9 rxd (c)
    Tanners 11+5+10+9 (c)
    Dal 6+5+10+12 (m)
    Mull 4+5+10+5 (m)
    Michelle 13 (c)
    Toby 10+5+10+2 rxd (m)
    Chase 12+5+7 rxd (c)
    Babs 10+5+3 (c)
    Gilli 7+3 rxd (c)
    JFK 18+5+9 rxd (c)

  5. Nearly 30 in for the morning, would be great to see a big turn up in arvi for the WOD!!

  6. thanks everyone for a warm welcome into crossfit, so different to Globo gym. I can’t wait for what lies ahead….

  7. WOW what a day, a 50+ day = brilliant guys!!

    Well done to top dogs Disco Stu and Lauren on their 13+ rd efforts on “Mary” today.

    A special mention to Gill “Bezza” English today on her rxd, such an awesome achievement for you. Incredible to think you started on a purple and red bands (pull-ups) and struggled to do a push-up off your knees at full range. Look at you now doing it all un-assisted.

    Proud of ya champ!!

  8. Thanks mick 🙂 pitty tomorrow is not a rest day, coz I’m not sure my arms will be working properly!! Lol 🙂

  9. There were some exceptional efforts by everyone today. What a buzz to have so many at 5.30am!!! I think the attendance list has done its job Mick 😉

  10. Well done to Gilli bloody awesome and Corina too for their first RXD Cindy. Happy Birthday and welcome Simon great RXD also!!! Sooo good to see Smokin and Stu in the house too!!! All up what a great turn out great to be part of a wonderful place 😉