WOD Thursday 13/10/2011

“Crossfit Football Total”
Power Clean, 1 Rep
Back Squat, 1 Rep
Bench Press, 1 Rep
Deadlift, 1 Rep

Your score is your total weight lifted-(kg) for all lifts. Happy Lifting!!

(It would be great if everyone can get in 15-20mins earlier before the session today for mobility to make sure we all get all our lifts in. Check your program cards/phones prior to the session and know your weight for each lift to maximise your efforts in the time allocated for each lift.)

Post load to comments.

11 Comments on “WOD Thursday 13/10/2011

  1. yeeewwwwww – thank christ its not a 10km run or BULL – wooohoooo! Bring it!

  2. 5.45am
    Matt.F 97.5-122.5-90-160=470kg
    Leigha 20-20-20-20=80kg

    Kurt 90-110-80-160=440kg
    Aido 90-105-80-145=420kg
    Nick.Z 100-105-85-140=430kg
    Louise 20-22.5-21-40=103.5kg
    Richo 75-90-72.5-165=382.5kg
    Chase 55-75-70-110=310kg
    Lynda 55-95-47.5-135=332.5kg

    Crossfit 70-100-70-155=395kg
    Kazz 55-67.5-47.5-120=290kg
    Gill 56.25-76-50-115=297.2kg
    Babs 52.5-70-55-105=282.5kg
    Cliff 95-85-80-160=420kg
    Chazz 45-65-45-92.5=247.5kg
    Paula 45-62.5-50-95=247.5kg
    Kristen 40-42.5-45-80=207.5kg

    Tommy 90-125-110-170=495kg
    Lauren 67.5-75-50-110=302.5kg
    Jayden 75-80-75-135=365kg
    Ryno 65-80-72.5-125=342.5kg
    Stocko 95-95-90-140=420kg
    Hulk 110-127.5-100-200=537.5kg
    Larns PC 65-BS 92.5-DL 137.5=295kg

  3. nice Kurt, showed the young blokes how to do it!

    • Hell Yeah Kurt!! Nice!! That’s some Heavy Shit right there!! Nice work!!

  4. No results up yet but hulk you are massive..it was a great session today.

    Joe Joe Joe what happened mate…this work out was named after you man
    “the Glassman work out for Joe Crossfit football Total”

    See you all tomorrow if I Can walk

  5. Well done today all the guys that turned up for the CF Football total, alot of PB’s!! Congratulations to Hulk and Lynda on taking out top weight for the day for both male and female athletes!!

    Hulk 110-127.5-100-200=537.5kg

    Lynda 55-95-47.5-135=332.5kg

    • Dale your a STALLION mate! and Lynda YOU KEEP GOING GIRL!

  6. really sorry i missed this one! Although i did get first hold of my new baby niece, as long as you don’t count her Mummy and Daddy and the med staff! 🙂

    • Send congrats to your Sis Brenno – noooiiiicccceeeeeee!

  7. Firstly a Huge Shoutout to all the PB’s Today for the Total!! Nice Work Guys, Shows your efforts are paying off Ten Fold!! To both Lynda and Dale, Awesome stuff guys, you should both be Super Stoked with your Results!! Full Praise to you both!! 200 Club Hulk!! Look forward to a Lift-Off at the next Deadlift Strength Session!! To Tommy, Mick and the 6pm Crew, apologies for my absence tonite. Though I had some more pressing commitments to attend. By the look’s of the results though the home fires were kept burning!! Love your work guys, 4551!! You Came Got Some!! 😉