WOD Thursday 13/1/2011


Rest 60 seconds between sets and
increase weight each set

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15 Comments on “WOD Thursday 13/1/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Mim 80-95kg
    Cyn 40-57.5kg
    Lauren 70-87.5kg

    8am .com
    Amrap 15 mins:
    Run 250m
    25 Push-ups

    Mick 7+200m
    Cliff 6rds
    Tyler 6+150m

    Richo 110-120kg
    Lock stock 110-117.5kg
    Karen 80-91kg
    Albert 90-120kg
    Trina 90-110kg

    Lara 60-72.5kg
    Amanda 60-80kg
    Lyndal 80-115kg
    Mel 70-97.5kg
    Bulldog 140kg across

    Nick.Z 130kg across
    Aido 110-120kg across
    Dale 110-135kg
    Matt 100-140kg
    Lachlan 30-60kg
    Ryno 80-102.5kg

    Joe 130kg across
    Tanya 60-75kg
    Larns 100-110kg
    Blakey 100-110kg
    Casey 60kg across
    Gillian 50-80kg
    Rob 130kg across
    Paul 60-75kg
    Liz Tech (Welcome)
    Michelle 97.5kg across
    Lynda 40-75kg

  2. I love deadlifts. Did a PB today – 95kg for deadlifts x 2.

    Day 4 of the Paleo Challenge.

  3. Great to get back Lifting again. Also heavy 2’s for DL was 91kg not 87.5 …thank you!

  4. liking the mobility wods and also the pnf stretching. doesnt take as much time to get the hammies warmed up!

  5. Thought I’d share, just had a yummy Zone Lunch – Pork, Avocado Salad

    3 Blocks

    Pork (60g) + Grated Cheese 30g = 3 blocks Protein
    Lettuce, Shallots, Cucumber + 1/2 cup of Grapes on the side = 3 blocks Carb’s
    Avocado – 3 tbl = 3 blocks Fat

    Plenty of water.

  6. so impressed with the mobility wod. i feel so good, no tightness and a reduce of pain that i have been experiencing this week. cheers for that guys 🙂

  7. I hate deadlifts, getting better but man you girls kick my but.
    Go mim, Lyndal and all you girls. I am left very impressed.

    • Thought you were being all supportive and was even going to over look past the mistake of the 2 L’s until I realized they were actually exclamation marks! Lol.

      Well done today Lynda 🙂

      • Hehe, who are you trying to kid?!?! You wouldn’t forgive that!

  8. Thanks for all the encouragement. It was a fun session tonight. I love the new mobility WODs, they are great!