WOD Thursday 13/12/2012


For time:
Run 16km
150 Burpee pull-ups

Partition the run and burpee pull-ups as needed. If doing in teams, run/row together at the same time.

Post time to comments.


U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Clovis T. Ray, 34, of San Antonio, Texas, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, based in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, was killed on March 15, 2012, in Kunar province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Shannon, son Dean, parents Bob Ben Sr. and Cecilia, brothers Eddie and Bob Ben Jr., and sister Jennifer.

26 Comments on “WOD Thursday 13/12/2012

  1. Congrats to Two Crazy CrossFit Kids!! Best news EVER!! Shotgun that Badboy and let’s go for Manshower 5!!

    Btw, Who is going Solo RXD today?? I will if you do… Psyche!! 😉

  2. Congratulations to Brenno and Larns!!
    Goodluck to TEAM AWESOME lets have fun while we show Clovis in respect what woman can do!!!!!

  3. Congrats to Brenno n Alana – match made in heaven as they say.

  4. Big Shout To Megan for her solo RXD this morning!! That was awesome to watch, you burpee-pulluped like a machine!!

    • Thanks Lisa. I’m sure I looked like a broken machine towards the end!!! 😉

  5. Congratulations Brenno and Larns….excellent to here and goooood luck

  6. Clovis is out of my range at the moment but I did a 5k row 20.42 and mobility. Whilst doing the row in the hotel in Taipei a woman from Vermont (USA – home of the concept 2 rower apparently) gave me some tips…..Then she got on the rower after me and did the exact same hahahah 🙂

    • Hope that knee is better very soon! Got to love loud mouth Americans!!Go Tommy

  7. 4.15am
    Team 1: 58.06

    Team 2: 1.10.55

    Shano.C ??
    Megzi 1.53.56 rxd
    Paul.G 1.44.57 rxd
    Aido 1.40.45 (mod)

    Team 3: 1.15.10

    Justin 2.02.55 rxd
    Cliff 1.56.56 rxd
    Mitch 2.02.23 rxd
    Karen 17.00 (mod)
    Issy 2.42.13 rxd
    Ryno 27.48 rxd “Ralph”
    Gemma 18.16 (mod)
    Bryce 1.02.36 ??

    Mull 1.24.27 8km
    Dal 1.27.12 8km
    Ellen 1.16.22 4km
    Simmo 1.10.00 mod
    Rory 1.45.35 rxd
    JFK 1.48.21 rxd
    Harry 2.02.15 Rxd
    Brucey 2.37.53 rxd
    Suz 2.42.00 rxd
    Hayley 1.20.05 8km
    Corina skills
    Chase 1.44.35 rxd
    Wog 57.21 8km
    Rachel 54.17 4km
    Randy 2.04.21 rxd

    Team 4: 1.33.27

    Team 5: 1.31.35

    Team 6: 1.52.00

  8. TEAM AWESOME!!!! Congratulations to Tamara new mum and smoked it!! Gilli who conquered her running with heart and grit!! And Shelby well she kicked her asthma to the curb and went hard!!!!! What a great group of ladies that helped each other to the very end thanks for a great morning guys!!
    Well done to all you 4551’s going it all alone we will be thinking of you and happy we have finished!!!:)

  9. Congrats Larns and Brenno. I hope you’re doing your wedding colours in green, black and white 😉 I wish you both every happiness together

  10. Congrats Brenno and larns. Good luck for the future and good to see ya back in the box Brenno .

    • He did awesome this morning Scotty T. And it was pissing down with rain on his last few rounds. What a champ. Good on ya Pauly 😉

  11. Kurt H – 1.41.25 RXD
    April H – 1.56.30 RXD

    Arana hills ! Is full of fuckin hills !

  12. Well done to the 40 beasts who had a crack at todays WOD. Important to start focusing on your recovery straight up. Firstly stretching up (solid 20mins minimum), Hydrate and a good intake of nutrition, quality 7-8 hours sleep and then coming in tomorrow for some mobility and stretching so we are back up and ready for day 1 on Saturday. Maintenance, nutrition and hydration are so important, so ask yourself are you giving your body the best chance to recover??

  13. Paul “Shades” of Gray u r my hero what a time mate n then Chase to come in and catch up to ya WOW – awesome guys.

    Sue u were such a trooper this am keeping ur team in check and on the go!!! and to witness young Issy just plug away on her own after a few months off and complete this, I take my hat off to ya girl. Well done to all that did this!!!

    • Thanks Karen, something clicked today. Hopefully things are coming together..

  14. Jump on Facebook and read the ghost and the soldier it’s in 4551 Facebook page. I made it up as I was running. It may have been what got me through it.

    Cheers all

  15. Hey guys just to everyone know that I am alive. 1st up congrats to Brenno and Larns awesome news. 2nd up, what a freakin awsome turnout for the worst WOD I have ever seen, carnt believe all the rxds today. Just want to wright athis week of as a wright of. If people want stuff finished before xmas start it a month earlier for fuck sake!!!!!! Can’t wait for holidays just so I can catch up. Don’t worry I will be doing Clovis at some stage soon (properly not RXD though) little Legs can’t run that far hahaha…..

  16. Forgot to put mine up guys..
    Daniel – 1.21.00 – 8km

    Trying to make up for the lack of sessions lately 😉

  17. Wow congratulations to Paul,Chase,Megan and like Karen said go Issy that took guts kid well done!! Yeh to you all 40 people thats awesome!!!