WOD Thursday 14/02/2013


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Rich Froning: 20/22-20/20-19/20-18/20-17/20 (195lb bench/strict pull-ups).

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

This week we say goodbye to 2 of our CF 4551 family members in Chazza and Ellen who will both be heading off to study in Brisbane. You will be missed by all your CF mates and we hope you will still train with us when you are about. Good luck and take care 🙂

15 Comments on “WOD Thursday 14/02/2013

  1. To the girls, Darling Charlotte we remember first meeting you at swimming club watching you do awesome stuff then was great, but then when we came to crossfit and saw you doing more amazing stuff, who knows what you”l be doing next… all the best on your new ventures love Corina and Kurt and Lili.

    To Ellen, We”ve only known you a short time, but we hope to see you in the box from time to time, all the best hon.

  2. Sad to see you girls leave but excited for you both starting a new chapter of your lives.
    It’s been a pleasure to train and coach you both! Best of luck and I’m sure you’ll both be dropping in from time to time.

  3. 5.30am
    Megzi 60/66 (30kg)
    Alan 33/94 (60kg)
    Ellen 47/37 (25/push-up)
    Jakob 75/21 (30kg)
    Lisa 77/53 (20kg)
    Cathy 58/48 (25kg)
    Rei 65/85 (20kg)
    Kelly 118/31 (20kg)
    Carlie 33/37 (30kg)
    Corey 56/87 rxd
    Paula 65/47 (40kg)
    Bryce 56/68 (40kg)
    Steven 52/59 (60kg)
    Jaymee 96/87 (20kg)
    Livdogs 87/55 (25kg)
    Chazza 67/43 (30kg)
    Tommy 40/134 rxd
    JFK 22/102 (80kg)
    Disco 16/123 rxd
    Matty.F 28/98 (90kg)
    Shano.C 33/133 (60kg)
    Lynne ??

    Aido 40/41 (60kg) strict pull-ups
    Mick 38/118 rxd
    Alana.M 36/27 (40kg)
    Dal 59/57 (50kg)
    Brenno 42/75 (60kg)
    Stevo 37/81 (75kg)
    Locky 47/131 rxd
    Cliffo 24/81 (70kg)
    Hayley 44/73 (35kg)
    Shelbs 40/58 (30kg)
    Abmac 65/60 (60kg)
    Jenny.B 73/56 (30kg)
    Mel.P 80/55 (35kg)
    Jen.K 47/62 (40kg)
    Sue 38/71 (30kg)
    Ryno 40/137 rxd
    Richo 49/30 (60kg)
    Flick 65/47 (12kg)

    Keiffy 29/120 (80kg)
    Simmo 29/30 (80kg) Strict
    Heidi 75/85 (25kg)
    Troy 72/79 (60kg)
    Mitchy 25/90 (70kg)
    Brucey 27/65 (70kg)
    Gilli 54/55 (40kg)
    Daniel 34/61 (60kg)
    Kirsten.J 60/41 (25kg)
    Tracy 88/42 (25kg)
    Lozza 38/87 (40kg)
    Justin 13/107 rxd
    Mel.Z Karen 13.26 rxd

    Wog 41/51 rxd Strict
    Pete 32/43 (70kg) strict
    Bianca 50/85 (45-55kg)
    Corina 51/49 (35kg)
    Sarah 53/43 (25kg)
    Paul.G 58/56 (45kg)
    Mel.Z 57/39 (35kg)
    Harry 38/93 (60kg)
    Rachel 94/55 (25kg)
    Martin 78/78 (45kg)

  4. Good luck in the big smoke girls! All the best with your studies and see you both soon 🙂

    I think “Paul” is Paula, and Lynne is missing!!

  5. Well what a cracking morning, great to see those monster numbers today already (40), hoping to see some good numbers and good results tonight!!

  6. Good luck girls on your new journey you will have the time of your lives be safe, study hard and train harder!!!!:)
    Thanks for a great morning Jennifer, Jen and Shelby good laughs great pit stop changes!!! Craig Lowndes would have been proud!!!:)

  7. Good luck girls! Take care and enjoy your new adventures 🙂

  8. Work WOD
    5 rounds of
    Weighted push ups 17.5kg
    Pull ups strict

  9. Sad to see you both go but im sure we will catch up, I do tend to go down to Brisbane on most weekends for what I call ‘wog boy time’

    Well done on all your achievements, and good luck for the future ladies. You’s will be sorely missed!

  10. Missed it yesterday so I did Karen today before the 9.15 session 7.05rxd

  11. Thank you very much guys for your lovely messages 🙂 ill miss you all so much! But don’t worry I’ll be back on the coast regularly (hopefully)! Keep up the training and hard work! And I will too 😀