WOD Thursday 14/07/2011

WOD 1: Amrap 6 minutes
250 Double Unders

With remaining time complete:
Max Reps, Overhead Squat 60kg (40kg)

*Rest 5 minutes then complete:

WOD 2: Reps 25,20,15,10,5 for time of:
Kettlebell Swing 24kg (16kg)
Hand Release Push-up

Post load, reps and time to comments.

Event #2 Burpee Leap Frog!!

7 Comments on “WOD Thursday 14/07/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Shano.G 11/6.28

    Kurt 10/11.30 (40kg)
    Scotty.T 6/10.06 (40kg)
    Tanners (mod)
    Kazz 8/7.02 (40kg) Front Squat
    Chase 20/8.54 (20kg)
    Brendan 20/10.00 (6kg)
    Richo 15/9.44 (mod)
    Susie Intro (Welcome)

    Lynda 18/7.28 (mod)
    Cliff (Tapped out)
    Brucey 10/6.21 (30kg)
    Lockstock 1/6.55 rxd
    Mull 5/8.15 rxd
    Dal 21/7.47 rxd

    Tommy 6.39 (60kg)
    Liv 3/7.36 (25kg)
    Chazz 16/6.08 (mod)
    Paula 9/6.53 (20kg)
    Ryno 13/6.44 (20kg)
    Adam 13/6.55 (30kg)
    Rob 3/8.09 (40kg)
    Mr Crossfit 5/8.36 (50kg)
    Aido 6/7.33 rxd

    J.F.K 13/7.54 (40kg)
    Dale 2/9.12 rxd
    Shano.C 1/7.40 rxd
    Barb 18/9.12 (20kg)
    Sara 18/8.17 (20kg)
    Larns 11/8.17 (30kg)
    Michelle 28/8.51 (mod)
    Gill 22/8.25 (20kg)
    Lara 13/7.54 (20kg)
    Corina 20/8.01 (8kg)
    Matty.M 16/7.45 (40kg)

  2. hey guys!! slight glitch with the website today but all should be fixed now. Please let Mick know if youre still having problems logging in and commenting. 🙂 cheers!!

  3. Should be a great work out! don’t know about the 60kg overheads though! Looks like another one for Thomas 🙂

  4. Not many comments today guys…anyway, i m p*^#@eed that I could not get that 60kg OHS today. No worries its been a hard week so I will try harder next time.
    Well done Aido, excellent effort

    To Mr Crossfit..all I can say is….Mrs Crossfit

  5. would love to claim the 11 OHS but I only got 1 out after the 250 double unders.. I was determined to finish those DU’s 🙂