WOD Thursday 14/11/2013

Hang Power Clean



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7 Comments on “WOD Thursday 14/11/2013

  1. Hey guys i am keen to do the next WODStock if you guys haven’t seen but I don’t have a team no wants to make one or is there a team I can join?

    • There are a few people in the same boat Ryan so we will definitely sort something for you champ, check the notice board frequently for day to day updates on teams mate 🙂

  2. 5am
    Ryan G 30-42.5
    Kylie 20-30
    Lauren Y 20-30
    Jen K 30-42.5
    Marty 40-70
    Cam 40-70
    Britt 30-42.5
    Kelly 20 across
    Brooke 20-38.5
    Mick L tech
    Shano 40-65
    Matty G 20-35
    Sammy G 20-35
    Bel 20-38.5
    Stevo 65-90
    Leigha 20 across
    Carolyn ??

    Emma WOD for time (40kg) 18.57
    Rani 30-60
    Reiven 20-40
    Corrine 20-37.5
    Mick B 80-100
    B 55-72.5
    Mitchy 55-77.5
    Millsy 32.5-50

    Cliff 40-80
    Sue 25-37.5
    Hayley G 25-52.5
    Kurt 55-85
    Jaydoss 50-72.5
    Kim 20-42.5
    Kazz 25-40
    Jenni P 20-28
    Cian 20-25
    Suz 5+7+10+100m
    Grant 45-57.5

    Wog 80-92.5
    Shelbs 37.5-52.5
    Sam.D 20-45
    Latch 80-90
    Matty.Mac 60-80
    Kendal 20 across
    Brian 20-40
    James 60-80
    Jfk 80-90
    Mel 35-52.5
    keffy 80-100
    Mick.E 70-85
    Alli 30-45

    Gilli 45-57.5
    Scotty.E 80-100
    Corina 40-50 Tech
    Justin 85-105
    LJ 20-37.5

  3. What a great week of training so far with so many PB’s, the coaches are really impressed by the continual improvement in technique.

    So great to see Alli and Leigha return to the box this week, you have both been missed! Also stoked for Emma to be back in and getting back into it after her ankle injury and then pumping out a PB of 15 consecutive unassisted pull-ups, brilliant!!

    Lets get in and hit these next two days as the box is closed Saturday for rest day 🙂

    • Yeh Ali welcome back its been great to catch up again:)) Welcome back Leigha look forward to meeting you Emma yippee what have you done on your break 15 pull-ups share the secret;)

  4. I hope every woman member in our gym has watched this video!! Been trying to say for years now that you will never get better at ring dips, handstand pushups or get to a muscle up if you do pushups with your elbows out to the side!

    • Mick/Nick that was a great video thank you and yes I will keep practicing to make it happen one day;)