WOD Thursday 15/06/2011 (Day 11 of 25)

Hang Power Clean

Post load to comments.

Dal in the Zone!!

16 Comments on “WOD Thursday 15/06/2011 (Day 11 of 25)

  1. Lyndal, you are not, I repeat NOT, to look at this photo with the shiny green shoes and decide that it would be a great idea to go to ioffer and buy some more. That is all.

    • I don’t know Mel, they are a great accessory to the green 4551! Maybe we should all get them 😉

      • Thanks Megan I appreciate the support. I am getting on ioffer as we speak!

          • I’m not faulting the green shoes! Just her need to buy more of them!

  2. 5.45am
    Paul 20-60kg

    Cherise 30-47.5kg
    Alli 25-42.5kg
    Lynda 30-45kg

    Dale 50-82.5kg
    Sara 30-52.5kg
    Scotty.T 45-72.5kg
    Brucey 50-77.5kg
    Lyndal 45-72.5kg
    Mr Crossfit 45-70kg
    Lock Stock 50-80kg
    Lahnee 20-40kg
    Lloy 20-37.5kg
    Mel 30-52.5kg
    Karen 30-45kg

    Aido 50-80kg
    Rob 52.5-65kg
    Beck 30-47.5kg
    Liv 27.5-32.5kg
    Charlotte 30-47.5kg
    Paula 25-42.5kg
    Lauren 30-52.5kg
    Matty 62.5-105kg
    Ryno 45-60kg
    Nick 70-95kg

    Corina 8-35kg
    Lara 30-45kg
    Michelle.M 30-47.5kg
    Chase 20-60kg
    Shano.C 55-77.5kg
    Oxana 8-28.5kg

  3. Hi Guys…In Melbourne again.. No were to do 300m runs with a sandbag so I did 21-15-9 Pull ups and Ring dips/dips.

    9.24 …was very bad at the ring dips after pull ups so had to move to the bars 🙁

    See you all Friday

    • Jeeze Tommy your arms will be cooked ha ha

    • Yeah I love that stretch, thanks for showing it to me Cliffy 🙂

  4. I got a feeling that tomorrow will be a big one!

  5. Ok, bags are packed already for tomorrow and my clothes are out ready, my alarm is set and it’s 9.30pm and I’m at home in bed so I should get a decent sleep. I WILL be in at 5.45am tomorrow as I can’t make the afternoon sessions. Having said that, I’ve planned to be in nearly every morning this week and am yet to succeed.

  6. Some really good numbers for everyone today!!

    Sleep in your clothes Mal u will be fine mate!!