WOD Thursday 18/11/2010

5 Rounds for max load/ reps of:

Thrusters, 3 reps
Ring Pushups, max reps

Post load and reps to comments.

18 Comments on “WOD Thursday 18/11/2010

  1. Ok, I think something changed while I was typing this one and then it disappeared, so if my post pops up twice, sorry. But I was just sitting here filling out my program card when I realised that I don’t have anything to write down for any of the thrusters, and then, like some cruel joke, here they are.

  2. 5.45am
    Lauren (40-45kg)45
    Jayden (40-55kg)46 rxd
    Cyn (20kg across)58
    Nicole (20kg across)31
    Mim (20-37.5kg Push press)86

    Karen (30kg across) 77
    Richo (45-55kg) 51
    Nick.Z (60-70kg) 62 rxd
    Lock stock 40-55kg 71 rxd

    10.15 .com
    20min Amrap
    30sec Handstand hold
    30sec Squat hold
    30sec L-sit hold
    30sec Pullup hold

    Mick 4+30+30+25sec
    Nick 4+30+30+25sec
    Cliff 4+30+30+15sec (ring L-sits)

    Prince (40-46kg)60
    Calvin (35-47.5kg)56
    Nips (50-65kg)50
    Amanda (35kg across)32 rxd
    Kendall (30-35kg)76
    Ryan (35 across)65

    Lyndal (40-60kg)21 rxd
    Alana (40-52.5)24
    Tamara (40-47.5kg)40
    Mel (35-42.5kg)33

    Rob (45-60kg)46 rxd
    Beck L (welcome) (20-30kg)65
    Lara (20-30kg)35
    Gilli (20-35kg)61
    Shano (45-60kg)71 rxd

  3. Well done to the morning crew, Cyn and Nicole with your Thrusters and pushups, huge improvements, awesome!!

  4. go Mimsy!! I hope Im as tough as you when Im really old… 🙂 hehe you are one incredible woman!!

  5. For those wanting to add theor pic to their profile follow instructions below, I noticed a few people doing a tester and no photo. You gotta allow at least 10 mins or so for the account to kick in, then try!

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    • happy to help let me know when free. Or maybe just try it one more time and follow instruction to a tee. either way we’ll get ya there, okies!

  6. Another awesome day at 4551! Hate thrusters just as much as deadlifts so thanks for the support 5pm crew. We Spiderman’d the hell out of the guy in the back shed!

  7. Awww crap, lost my 15kg window with Lyndal on this one! Next time!!

  8. Today was frickin AWESOME!! unbelievably sore but have a smile from ear to ear…thanks everybody for your encouragement !!

  9. another great bright and cheerful day at 4551. great to see smiling faces even though the wod was absolute torture

  10. My result isn’t up there 🙁
    40 to 55 for thrusters and 71 ring pushups rxd 🙂

  11. I loved it, I know I will be addicted like everyone else. Thanks 🙂