WOD Thursday 19/01/2017

A) In teams of 2-3,

10mins to accumulate your highest total (kg) effort for your 1RM:
High hang power snatch

-From the pocket.
-Quality locked out reps count only.
-Highest score from each team member totalled together eg. 45+55+50 = 150kg

Then immediately start,

B) In teams of 2-3 complete the following sequence,

Ascending ladder in 17mins of:
3 Hang power snatch, 42.5kg (30kg)
3 Calorie row
6 Hang power snatch
6 Calorie row
9 Hang power snatch
9 Calorie row

Continue increasing the reps by 3 until the time is up.

-One bar, one load and only one athlete working at one time.
-Break reps up however between team.
-1 calorie = 1 rep.

Post load and total team reps completed to comments.