WOD Thursday 19/12/2013



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
Thruster 42.5kg (30kg)


Post load and time to comments.


I Know we’ve played it before and there are a few questionable reps but it’s still a great effort!!


9 Comments on “WOD Thursday 19/12/2013

  1. Hope you all have fun with fran guys! So so sad I can’t be there to do it 🙁 ….

  2. I suppose that’s impressive! haha. I wasn’t far behind him. 🙂
    OK . . . it was VERY impressive!!!!!!!

  3. Wednesdays work wod. Mod Helen with 25kg dumb bell and tredmill . 8.25. Back from work but heading down south on a surf trip. Spewin I am going to miss a couple of wicked Days of benchmark wods but will make them up when I get back.

  4. 5am
    Mick.L 6.35 (30kg)
    Shano 6.42 (42.5kg) mod
    Cathy 6.14 (20kg)
    Lynne 9.11 rxd
    Carolyn 6.59 rxd
    Stevo 5.23 rxd
    Tom 6.58 (30kg)
    Matty.G 4.45 (30kg)
    Cam 6.48 (30kg)
    Lauren.Y 5.10 (12kg)
    Kylie 6.08 (12kg)

    Jimmy 5.34 (30kg)
    Katie 6.02 (12kg)
    Wendy 5.36 (6kg)
    Nadine 6.00 (25kg)
    Critta 5.53 (25kg)
    Emma 8.00 (25kg)

    Mick.B 6.04 (42.5kg) mod
    Dal 5.17 rxd
    Kim 6.25 (20kg)
    Corrine 4.09 (20kg) mod
    Rani 5.38 (30kg)
    Reiven 6.44 (25kg)
    Richo 8.02 (30kg)

    Sue 5.21 (20kg)
    Cian 7.15 (12kg)
    Macdaddy 4.45 rxd
    Jen.K 7.51 (25kg)
    Brian 9.44 (30kg) mod
    Shae 10.45 (12kg)
    Shelbs 6.25 (25kg)
    Ellen 5.09 (20kg)
    Kendall 6.49 (12kg)
    Naz 5.11 (20kg)

    Keffy 3.53 rxd
    Ryan 5.15 (20)
    Gilli 10.32 rxd
    Corina 11.54 rxd
    Kurt 6.51 rxd
    Mick.E 6.48 rxd
    Sam.D 8.18 (20)
    Tamara 9.22 rxd
    Tommy 4.53 rxd
    Latch 3.35 rxd
    Brian 5.55 (20)

    Wog 6.30 mod
    Marty 9.24 rxd
    Leigha 6.35 (12)
    Brucey 6.52 rxd

  5. Morning crew WOW and well done, some HUUUUGE PB’s!!!

    Thanks for everyone taking on board the importance of scaling. Understanding the type of WOD and how it should be done is very important with your success of your sport.


  6. Very disappointing turn out for an awesome WOD, the workout doesn’t come up every day in fact only a couple of times a year and is a great way to gauge how you are travelling. An opportunity missed I would say!

  7. Fuccckkk I am actaully so stoked with my time compared to last time…!! Yewww