WOD Thursday 20/09/2012

Five rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts 125kg (92.5kg)
10 Burpees

Post load and time to comments.

Kickin with our masters champions!!

25 Comments on “WOD Thursday 20/09/2012

  1. Good luck to all the tough mudders on the weekend. Wish I was going but I’m keeping the people of bundaberg safe from themselves. Have a great time.

    • Cheers Mr T!! Wish you were getting down and dirty with us!! The people of Bundaberg may never know the true blessing your residency brings.

    • Yeah good luck everyone, hope that you have a great weekend and enjoy the tough mudder. Hope to see updates on the site when your done….

  2. 5.30am
    Penny 5.30 (40kg)
    Lynne 5.44 (60kg)
    Lisa 5.58 (35kg)
    Chase 8.03 (100kg)
    Daniel 9.24 (20kg)
    Boxhead 7.12 (60kg)
    Mull 7.59 (70kg)
    Paula 5.12 (70kg)
    Matty.F 6.00 (110kg)
    Mick 5.02 rxd

    Karen 6.06 rxd
    Hayley 5.18 (60kg)
    Alli 5.67 (60kg)
    Jenny B 5.10 (50kg)
    Mitch 5.44 (50kg)
    Mel P 6.23 rxd
    Jayden 4.56 (80kg)
    Stu 4.16 (100kg)
    Scotty E 7.58 rxd
    Cliffo 4.19 rxd
    Sue 7.26 (50kg)
    Megan 5.50 (82.5kg)
    Jenni P 6.37 (30kg)
    Shelby 7.35 (32kg sumo)
    Aido 5.00 (mod)
    Smokin 4.20 rxd
    Richo 8.16 (70kg)

    Simmo 3.35 (100kg)
    Chazza 6.57 (80kg)
    Tommy 3.20 (100kg)
    Ben 6.51 (100kg)
    Tracy 5.23 (30kg)
    J.F.K. 3.48 (100kg)
    Harro 4.15 (100kg)
    Cal 3.33 (100kg)
    Mel P 14.20 (mod)

    Randy 5.32 rxd
    MacDaddy 5.48 (100kg)
    Tobes 3.57 (80kg)
    Bianca 4.59 rxd
    Pete 3.44 (100kg)
    Babsy 6.49 (60kg)
    Harro skills

  3. What fine bunch of young men… BTW I just wanted to say thanks Alan for all his help on the day. Warming up, eating and warming down, your tips were great. Looking forward to the next event….

  4. Goodluck to all you tough 4551ers have a fantastic time!!!

    Thanks Jenni B for the encouragement/counting you did awesome lifting today and your time was fast way to go get some!!!!

  5. Thanks Sue!! You are awesome so encouraging got me through a really tough one today! Everyone at 4551 is awesome! Fit, strong, crazy fun people everywhere. LOVE it!!!

    • Ta Jenny was my 5 month crossfit 4551 birthday today best bloody thing I’ve done for me ever apart from my family!!!!Thankyou Mick

  6. Best of luck to all the Tough Mudda’s!!! Hope you all have a blast and come back in one piece! Despite my earlier comments 😉 I’ll be forever envious of you all for missing this one! Be safe and enjoy! 🙂

  7. Hey guys back from work but still crook. Done some clean and jerk technique with light weight at home. Have fun at tough mudder everybody .

    • Hey Ryno that’s not good go get some!!! Inner Health and some olive leaf get better quick!!

  8. Haha look at the guy in the background with the beard. Now that’s comedy.