WOD Thursday 20/12/2012


Post loads for each numbered sets to comments.

13 Comments on “WOD Thursday 20/12/2012

  1. 5.30 am
    Carlie 12-20
    Lisa 12 Tech
    Megzi 20-25-30
    Alan 25-35-40
    Kurt N 45-55-67.5
    Kelly 6 Tech
    Cathy 12-20
    Shano C 40-52.5
    Tommy Tech
    Paula 12 Tech

    Mick skills
    Karen 22.5/32.5/40 (split)
    Chase 45/47.5/57.5
    Mull 35/37.5/37.5
    Livdogs 35/42.5/45
    Sue 6kg Tech
    Chazza 37.5/42.5/45
    Mel.P 35/40/40
    Ebony 30/35/37.5 (Welcome)
    Adam 80/82.5/90 (Welcome)
    Paul.G 20/25/35
    Bianca 40/50/65
    Richo 40/45/55

    Alana 20/27.5/30
    Brooke Tech
    Jacob 6/12/20
    Heidi Tech
    Lozza 45/47.5/52.5
    Hayley 25/30/40
    Paul R Tech
    Rockstar Tech
    Aido 40/50/70
    Simmo 40/50/60 power snatch
    Stu 45/55/62.5
    Ellen 12/25
    Tamara 20 across
    Mull Skills
    Dal Skills
    Keiffy 55/67.5/80
    Woggy 55/65/75

    Gilli 25/27.5/32.5
    Tracy Skills
    Corina 30-52.5 Cleans
    Brenno Tech Power Snatch
    Larnsy 20 across
    JFK 65/77.5/85
    Katie 18.57 mod
    Harro 55/65/75
    Issy 20/22.5/30
    Rachel 20/25/27.5

  2. Great photo Justin you did a fantastic job with that event congratulations!!

  3. Hope Justin took his WODStock hat to Thailand – cos he is gonna need it!!!!

  4. What kick arse sessions of Oly lifting this morn, so many PB’s and the guys who didn’t great to see you all pulling back on weight and working for quality and execution.

    A BIG welcome to Bianca’s friends from Reebok Crossfit Canterbury in NZ, very nice to meet you both and look forward to catching up in the future 🙂

    • Thank you so much for having us! We really enjoyed the session. Don’t forget to you are always more than welcome at Reebok Crossfit Canterbury 🙂

  5. Did a wod at home today as many push ups as possible when u die u do 15 squats . Make it to 100 push ups for time . 6.05 . That hurt

  6. Pretty much did a workout all day at work building a sandstone wall. sore sore sore

  7. Work wod. Had rest day yesterday as I done a wod on Tuesday’s rest day. Today’s wod was yesterday wod as per .com version . 17.50 with row and 12.5 kg dumb bells .

  8. Massive 4.45 crew! Sorry to everyone if they felt like i didnt get around to you very often, I tried my hardest to watch and help all members!