WOD Thursday 21/02/2013

3 Rounds for time of:
15 Kettlebell Snatch (Right hand), 24kg (16kg)
30 Sit-ups
15 Kettlebell Snatch (Left hand)
15 Toes to bar

Post load and time to comments.

A must see video, how good is this little dude!!

12 Comments on “WOD Thursday 21/02/2013

  1. 5.30am
    Megan 12.12 rxd
    Alan 12.59 mod
    Martin 10.41 12kg
    Greg 13.15 16kg
    Cathy 12.13 8kg
    Matty.F skills
    Lynne 12.30 8kg
    Stu 12.56 mod
    Jen.K 13.02 8kg
    Mel.P 20.05 (mod)
    Kelly 14.02 6kg
    Kurt 18.05 mod
    Chelsea 13.52 6kg
    Sarah 12.30 8kg
    Leanne 13.18 8kg

    Mick 15.15 (mod)
    Dal 16.08 (mod)
    Sue 14.02 (8kg)
    Cliff 13.14 (mod)
    Stevo 15.35 rxd
    Mitchy 14.54 rxd
    Jenni.P 13.25 (8kg)
    Shelbs 15.10 (8kg)
    Alli 12.34 (12kg)
    Kisten.M 12.08 (8kg)
    Macdaddy 18.17 rxd
    Bianca 15.29 (mod)
    Corey 14.32 (mod)
    Jacob 17.39 (12kg)
    Paul.G 13.00 (16kg)
    Jenny.B 15.52 (12kg)

    Aido 17.00 mod
    Lock 7.33 mod
    Wog 15.35 mod
    Simmo 15.26 mod
    Liv 16.39 mod
    Tommy 16.07 mod
    Scotty 13.11 rxd
    Gilli 13.45 (12kg)
    Keiffy 15.51 mod
    Mel.Z 17.51 mod
    Pete 15.22 mod
    JFK 14.29 mod
    Harro 16.41 mod
    Matty.F 12.22 rxd
    Corina 15.33 rxd
    Micky.E 14.20
    Tanners 8.08 mod
    Smokin 10.29 rxd
    Tracy 13.44 (6kg)
    Rei 11.40 (8kg)
    Brucey 16.44 rxd
    Paula 14.38 mod

  2. Work Wod

    3 rds of
    8 squat snatch 30kg
    20 sit-ups
    8 squat snatch
    15 toes to bar

    1km row
    1km run
    1km bike

  3. Probably a good idea to bring some tape in today if you have sensitive hands guys.

    • Hey Haley….You lifting 7kgs of POO??? Dung bell??? WTF.. Haha 🙂

  4. REMEMBER – Training and Nutrition go hand in hand – check your Daily Fuel every day guys!!!

  5. Why thankyou Mick and Karen another tool to help me on my journey!!:) I think it’s a fantastic idea:)

  6. Go Joe that is redonculousssss!!! Woweee Cookie don’t mess with your dad at any age he is a force of power and heart:)!!!

    • Cheers Super Sue!! I am having alot of fun with my wods lately. Taking the pressure of expectation out of play and just enjoying the moment. I am so focused on being the best role model for my Son and that is the best motivation a man can have!! Thanks again for your kind words, much appreciated!!