WOD Thursday 21/07/2011

4 Rounds For time of:
20m Handstand Walk
20 Box Jumps 30″ (24″)

Post time to comments.


23 Comments on “WOD Thursday 21/07/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Mal 21.40 rxd

    Tanners skills
    Kazz 17.35 rxd
    Cliff 13.23 rxd
    Fonzy 18.15
    Chase 24.57 rxd
    Lynda 24.31 rxd

    Alli 14.30 rxd
    Stockton 24.20 rxd
    Dal 17.38 rxd

    Rob 19.07 rxd
    Beck.L 19.42 rxd
    Chazz 21.17 rxd
    Tommy 15.47 rxd
    Paula 21.29 rxd
    Liv 22.32 rxd
    Corina 23.22 rxd
    Kurt 20.29 rxd
    Lauren 14.53 rxd
    Aido 9.48 rxd

    Tanners 13.57 rxd
    Rynos 14.28 rxd
    J.F.K 13.35 rxd
    Gill 15.38 rxd
    Babs 17.55 rxd
    Lara skills

    • Nice to see you made an appearance today Albert!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Mick,

    I’ll be back next week, Just get through the funeral and i’ll be back on track..

    Thanks Larns

    • Larns,

      Sorry to hear the sad news. I am thinking of you Larns and if there is anything at all I can do you know where I am. Take care Larns and see you soon!

  3. I now know why I have feet! I’m NOT made for walking on my hands!

  4. Handstand walking and 24″ box jumps. Two thinkgs I never thought I would be able to do. After it is over it was a pretty fun workout.

    Sorry about the kick in the ribs Albert. 🙂

    • Wow, Lynda you are really hitting those RXD’s. I do not think I can or have ever tried the hand stand walk. Awesome !

  5. We are all with and thinkin of you Larns, hope all is well and look forward to having u back in next week mate, take care!

    • Sorry to hear the sad news to .We miss u larnalishious looking Forward to catching up next week when u return to 4551

    • Sad to hear the news Larns, you know were we are if you need us.

      Tommy, Paula, Charlotte and Olivia

  6. Well done to Lynda and Chase this morning, great to see u both rxd this one!

  7. Hands up if u like to pick and choose your Workouts?? reckon there was a few today!!

    • I’ll be in tomorra even if I have to ride my deadly treadly tommorra arvo after work.

    • I prob wouldn’t have picked this one, but apart from the frustration of me being a uncoordinated spaz….I enjoyed it in the end!!

  8. Hey Tanners, well done two sessions today and a great RXD. I may be losing my memory but I am sure that you used to have a hubby who can to crossfit, did you lose him???

    Or is he MIA in the RRSSSSLLLLLLLL

    • Hahaha thanks Tommy!
      Smokin may have traded crossfit for cherries and beer? I’m sure he will carve it up when he is back in though 🙂

  9. Apologies for my absence today, though my Crosssfit Regime is calling for a 3 Days On and 1 day off Regime. I look forward to the Friday Arvo 5:30 pm session. Better Bring your “A” game Comrads, your gunna need it!! 😉

    • That’s what I like to see Bro….but does ‘A’ game mean Alcohol or as Tiger calls it…

      We know that you are a finely tuned machine so if you need 3 on 1 off we believe you mate……

      Mick – What do you have install for our drunken comrades with hang overs?

  10. Dam..looks like a workout for Joe tomorrow….hangover or no hang over…see you there guys