WOD Thursday 22/12/2011

Run or Row 5km or 10km

Post option and time to comments.

Why short, sharp WODS are better for us!!

20 Comments on “WOD Thursday 22/12/2011

  1. I told you Lauren/locky I could feel this workout coming up this week!!!!

  2. ahaha i was thinking do both? anybody with me 😉
    Cant make it!! I’m at the hospital with dad 🙂 xx

  3. 5:30am
    Alan 18.00 aprox (4km row)
    Megan 48.25 (10km)
    Mull 34.01 (5 km)
    Lara (Welcome)34.01 (5km)
    Kurt. H DNF (Injury)
    Lauren 21.58 (5km)
    Shano. C 19.23 (5km)

    Karen 24.07 (5km row)

    Corina 31.31 (5km)
    Ali 30.13 (5km)

    Mel.P 27.34 (5km)
    Hayley 28.08 (5km)
    Ryno 19.34 (5km)
    Mr Crossfit 24.09 (5km)
    Kazza skills

    Leigha 39.19 (5km)
    Matty.Mac 25.15 (5km)

    • Well done this morning guys especially with the hot sun out there! U all did fantastic!

      Make it a great day all!

      • I’m waiting for it to cool down, it’s like Rosedale out there!

  4. Great effort morning crew! Top effort from Megan doing the 10km, smoking time for it too!!

  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Tommy.
    Well done to everyone doing the run today!

  6. All the best Tommy ! … Hope all goes well and your recovery is quick

    • Thanks Adam I hope I come back as good as you have…and thanks for helping make my decision to go ahead. I dont think I would have done it if it wasn’t for you..Cheers

  7. Good luck Tommy hope to see u back in the box asap!!!!


    Thanks heaps for all your encouragments over the last year, we really do love it at 4551, a special BIG thanks to “THE MAN” Mick, what a difference you’ve made to our lives!

    Cheers everyone!