WOD Thursday 23/04/2015

4.45pm crew ready to climb walls!

A) 15mins to find your 3RM:

-From the racks.


B) 10 rounds each for time of:
Sprint 100m

-90sec rest between efforts.
-On a 50m turn around.

Post load and times to comments.




6 Comments on “WOD Thursday 23/04/2015

  1. PB’s galore today for the morning crews, well done to you all!!

  2. Oh and well done to Cass on pumping out consecutive strict pull-ups, you’ve improved so much of late!!

    • Yep the old dog got you mate, you, Richo and Wallace seen my last one. Finding it hard to swallow mate?

  3. 10 x 100m sprints (90 sec rest) with 10 push ups between each effort.