WOD Thursday 23/06/2011 (Day 18 of 25)

12 Rounds for time of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Squat Cleans 60kg (40kg)
8 Kettlebell Swings 32kg (24kg)

Post load and time to comments.

The day the mobility WOD went horribly wrong, Sorry Ladies!!

30 Comments on “WOD Thursday 23/06/2011 (Day 18 of 25)

    • You can see where it’s been Mick. Do you really want it back?

  1. I remember this, picture doesn’t do it justice as to how clumsy you were. Looking forward to this WOD

  2. 5.45am
    Lauren 28.56

    Lachlan 33.26 Rxd
    Bec.C 7rds (mod) 15mins
    Scotty.T 30.26 (45kg,24kb,Jump m/u)
    Richo 32.35 (50kg P/C, 24kb)
    Cherise 18.58 (mod)

    Kazza 26.47 (30kg)
    Lee 23.29 (40kg)
    Alphonse 27.54 (40kg)
    Dal 31.19 (40kg)
    Kurt 28.27 (40kg)
    Jess 30.21 (20kg)
    Brucey C/O
    Alli 30.17 (30kg)

    Rob 24.24 (40kg)
    Bek 24.57 (30kg)
    Tommy 26.58 (60kg)
    Paula 26.05 (30kg)
    Liv 29.58 (20kg)
    Charlotte 25.19 (20kg)

    Ali 17.05 (6kg)
    Michelle 22.09 (30kg)
    Ryno 20.00 (40kg)
    Aido 27.45 rxd
    Scotty.E 30.01 (40kg)
    Lara 24.45 (20kg)

  3. Nick when did you say you were going north again?

    • good news for you michelle the job aint ready so guess what im sticking round for a couple weeks!

  4. Who the Hell was that trainer today??????….Tell him from me I am not coming back if he is training me again!!!! LOL Love U Nick!!!

    • hahahaha yeah fair enough bec, it must be my smell that keeps you all away

  5. Stoked with the rxd for this wod! Cheers for the encouragement 9:15 crew and wog! Kept me going

  6. Well done mate excellent work….look out 4551 open team…Locky is after a spot for next year!!

    • Tommy, haven’t got you on Facebook. Put an ‘EVENT’ for the MAN-Shower. Details are:
      ACCOMODATION: Oaks Casino Towers
      151 George Street, CBD

      All participants are required to pay $55 for accommodation to Scott Thompson by Friday before the shower. Scott 0402 984 521

      Room 1- Scott T, Win, Paul, Shaun, mick,
      Room 2 – Joe, Scott E, Tommy, Cliffo, Richo, Steve.
      Room 3 – Lachlan, Aido, Wog, Shano, Brucey, John-boy

      It is up to you how you get there, most of us are going by train. If you are interested:

      Meet at Landsborough Train station at 11:45
      Train departs at 12:10 !
      Arrive at central at 13:30 platform 5 (900m walk to hotel)

      • haha WALK TO HOTEL…crossfitters dont walk 😉

      • Thanks Mate…i ll give you the cash next time I see you and I will be coming with you guys on the train.
        I guess room 2 is the penthouse suite so no problems there mate.

        God help the people in room 3!

        Cheers for organising this Scotty nice work.

  7. Nick hasn’t your Mother ever told you to keep your legs closed?
    nice photo 🙂

    • I think his mother told him alot of things. I think his mother STILL tells him alot of things! Be cool Liv, stay in school, be who you wanna be.

      • Hahahahhahaha omg i love you scotty your so funny hahah 🙂
        its hard for me to not be cool. haha 🙂 i kid i kid.

  8. Sooo miss the energy of the box!! Been a rough week for Smanners. Looking forward to a pumping 5:30pm Friday Sesh!! See you all then…

    • awwwh we miss you guys – hurry up get better

      • Thanks Karen, see you 2moro with bells on, Kettlebells!!

        • Come back mate we all miss u….4551 without Smokin is only 4550…

          • Cheesus Tommy, Cheers mate!! I just welled up a little… 😉

    • Miss you man!! hurry up and get back see you Monday!

  9. No show AGAIN today! Feel like absolute crap. Dizzy as. Hopefully feeling better tomorrow! Let me rephrase that, I WILL be feeling better tomorrow because I refuse to be getting sick just as my holidays are starting!