WOD Thursday 24/10/2013

Five rounds for time of:
18 Overhead walking Lunge steps, 20kg Barbell
21 Burpees


Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.


Post load and time to comments.


Lozza flippin the 145kg WOMBAT at the “Broady Bash” over the weekend!!

15 Comments on “WOD Thursday 24/10/2013

  1. Nice lozza.!! Im So glad I was there watching you flip that monster.. such a gun to watch. You do do amazing things girl.! 🙂

  2. Lauren you are amazing Girl Power plus!!!:) broken finger too you are a machine!!!;)

  3. 5am
    Lynne 14.29 rxd
    Kylie 16.29 (12kg)
    Aimee 12.13
    Kelly 14.52 (6kg)
    Shano 14.21 rxd
    Livdogs 14.59 rxd
    Paula 18.45 (20kg) mod
    Cam 21.57 rxd
    Tom 14.45 (12kg)
    Matt 16.33 rxd
    Marty 14.30 rxd
    Sammy 17.10 (12kg)
    James 16.49 rxd
    Joanne 19.04 (6kg)
    Carolyn 12.20 rxd
    Nadine 16.24 rxd

    Jaime 15.00 (3rds) 6kg
    Ang 29.28 (6k)
    Corrine 17.54 rxd
    Emma 18.43 rxd
    Stevo 16.24 rxd
    Adam 18.41 rxd
    Latch 9.45 rxd
    Bel 16.45 rxd
    Brooke 19.16 (12kg)
    Harro 11.49 rxd
    Britt 15.20 rxd
    Schmitt 21.22 (12kg)

    Mick.B 11.20 rxd
    Mitchy 14.59 rxd
    Naz 16.58 (12kg)

    Bianca 12.28 rxd
    Heidi ??
    Merv 15.18 rxd
    Stu 9.18 rxd
    Russ 15.15 rxd
    Cliff 16.01 rxd
    Ryno Cleans
    Cian 15.55 (6kg) mod
    Sue 26.48 rxd
    Carol 37.13 (20kg) mod
    Kazza 22.03 (12kg) mod
    Bec.M 20.43 rxd
    Sarah 26.08 (12kg) mod
    Kurt 18.55 rxd
    Kim 19.48 rxd
    Suz 12.30 (mod)
    Karen 12.43 rxd

    Tamara 16.29 rxd
    Brian 17.00 (3rds)
    Kyra 22.57 (12)
    Shae 18.47 (12)
    Millsy 11.42 rxd
    Jess 16.12 rxd
    Hayley.G 14.10 rxd
    Shelbs 19.49 rxd

    Corina 17.56 rxd
    Matty Mac 11.13 rxd
    Brucey 16.42 rxd
    Bec.W 16.13 (20)
    Dan 11.48 rxd
    Jules 15.41 rxd
    Hayley.M 18.18 mod
    Wog 9.51 mod
    Rach 20.43 (12)

  4. A crackin turnout, 48 in for the morning sessions!

    Great atmosphere with some really trying efforts, well done Corrine on your first rxd 🙂

    Also great to see the old Disco Stu back in busting out the fastest time of the morning!!

    • Haha Mick good to see you to….I only turn up for the easy wods. It feels like I’m the Newbey with all these new faces in the box and all the regulars improving out of sight great to see;);)

      • Sorry don’t mean easy wod there is no such thing, was surpose to say Wods that suit my midgit legs hahaha.

  5. I’m not going to make it in, jack has sign on and a class at Taekwondo tonight.

    However I did do 20 laps at the pool this morning :).

  6. Couldn’t make it in today, but did this one at work in my lunch break.
    15.32 mod
    (20kg plate held against chest and box jumps instead of burpees, stupid thumb!)

  7. Home mod wod…. 5 rounds 20 mts walking lunges, 21 burpees… 13.50

  8. Alot of cherry pickers toinght!!!!


  9. Yay Julian, so so proud of you on your first rxd workout!!