WOD Thursday 25/08/2011

10 Rounds for time of:
2 Deadlift 160kg (120kg)
Run 200m

Post load and time to comments.

(A Reminder that there is no 9.15am session today!!)

A Contender for the Crossfit 4551 athletes calender maybe??

9 Comments on “WOD Thursday 25/08/2011

  1. Only triple bodyweight, shouldnt be too much of a problem to rxd

  2. Looking good Couchman – you’ve got my vote!

  3. 5.45am
    Brendan 13.23 (100kg)
    Mel 13.42 (90kg)
    Shano.G 11.45 (110kg)

    Jayden 11.17 (100kg)
    Rob 13.48 (120kg)
    Andy 10.24 (120kg)
    Callan skills

    Liv 16.05 (50kg)
    Paula 12.06 (60kg)
    Kristen 13.20 (60kg) mod
    Charlotte 13.20 (60kg)
    Crossfit 12.12 (120kg)
    Eliza 14.53 (50kg)
    Karen 13.18 (100kg)
    Ryno 11.47 (100kg)
    Scotty.E 19.01 rxd
    Dale 12.50 rxd
    J.F.K 12.15 (120kg)
    Brian 18.30 (60kg)

    Larns 21.21 rxd
    Cliffo 18.20 (100kg)
    Shano.C 12.23 (120kg)

  4. Yeeww shanoo! 🙂
    yep im definitely RXDing this work out! 🙂 hahaha no

  5. I know Aido heavy shit for us.. Wanna do it together?? Share a bar haha.. I was hurting bad in this photo the last round of ringdips in jt

  6. Nice one Larns – did it for the girls wooohooooo. And of course Scotty E n Dale great session with you all!

  7. Photographers opinion: Oh Yeah That is a big Yes!!! Maybe even cover material!!!