WOD Thursday 25/11/10

For time:
70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swing 24kg (16kg)
40 Pull-ups
30 Handstand push-ups

Post load and time to comments

16 Comments on “WOD Thursday 25/11/10

  1. Won’t be able to make it in tomorrow, but can kinda do this one on my own. How do we feel about me subbing 5kg db thrusters (it’s all that I’ve got) for the kettlebells and push ups for the pull ups?

  2. Are u trying to kill me mick hahaha. My poor poor hands. Well I will be there all day with this WO so I will see u all @ 9.15, 4, 5, and 6 hopefully I will be done by 6pm tho. Lol

    • Thats Classic Trina, and Im hearing ya, Im thinking I’ll come in today to ease myself and after seeing what it is I’ve just become sicker ha ha.

  3. Holy crap its true, there is no rest for the whicked…………..grin……..
    C U at 4

  4. 5.45am
    Cyn 17.26 (12kg)
    Lauren 18.54 (16kg, w&r band hspu)
    Jayden 21.48 (24kg)

    Scotty.T 24.10
    Sheree 19.37
    Karen Sick
    Lee.D 23.29
    Trina 23.42
    Richo 26.06

    10.30am .com
    “Running Jackie”
    1km Run
    50 Thrusters 20kg
    30 Pullups

    Mick 6.05
    Cliff 7.08
    Brad 6.59

    Lyndal 18.37
    Amanda 19.43
    Kendall 19.00
    Jim 24.00
    Nipples 28.09
    Brucey 22.36 rxd
    Lock Stock skills

    Shauno 29.32
    Mario 16.06 rxd
    Giles 19.50 (Welcome)
    Pam 23.42 (Welcome)
    Tamara 24.29
    Albert 23.40
    Janeah 20.25

    Rob 21.02
    Beck 21.54
    Alana 21.56

  5. That hurt alot! my muscles are still shaking, i thought I was having a seizure

  6. That workout was good. Really happy with my efforts this morning, I got 35 kettlebell swings (16kg) out in a row and then 15 to finish them off. Also consistant burpees really help.. Thanks for the tip Nick!

    Great work Cyn and Jayden 🙂

    See you tomorrow!!

  7. I thought I posted this earlier but it’s not here. Dunno where I posted it to?? Anyway, 25.11mins for my version of this WOD today.

  8. Go the morning crew, great times! and look forward to doing a WOD with Giles and Pam.

  9. It’s alright Scotty I am also feeling very retarded after the last few days!