WOD Thursday 26/03/2015

In pairs perform the following:

As many rounds as possible in 22mins of:
Run 400m
40 One arm kettlebell thrusters (20 each side), 24kg (16kg)
200m Medicine ball run, 10kg (6kg)
6 Rope Ascents, 15ft

-Both athletes run distances together.
-One kettlebell and one medicine ball between your pair.
-Reps or MB run distance do NOT have to be evenly distributed.
-Only one athlete may work at one time during KB and rope climb stations.

Post loads, rounds and reps to comments.




4 Comments on “WOD Thursday 26/03/2015

  1. Well done to my team mate Matty Fav this morn, your fitness has improved out of site since the challenge mate!

  2. Cheers Micko. Feeling heaps better. Big effort Cliffy!!

  3. Massive Man Power Day for a change instead of Girl Power 😉