WOD Thursday 26/07/2012

“Strange” (modified version)

Eight rounds for time of:
600 meter Run
20kg (12.5kg) Dumbell Weighted pull-up, 11 reps
11 Walking lunge steps, carrying 20kg (10kg) Plate overhead
24kg (16kg) Kettlebell thruster, 11 reps

Post load and time to comments.

U.S. Navy Cryptologist Technician (Collection) Petty Officer 1st Class (Expeditionary Warfare Specialist) Michael J. Strange, 25, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit, died on August 6, 2011, of wounds suffered when his unit’s helicopter crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancee Breanna Hostetler, parents Elizabeth and Charles, and siblings Katelyn, Carly, and Charles.

12 Comments on “WOD Thursday 26/07/2012

  1. (Pull-up/Lunge/Thruster)
    Alan 51.26 (15/10/16)
    Jayden DNF
    Kurt.H 1.03.07 rxd
    Megan 42.40 (4/5/8)
    Shano.G 1.03.07 (u/10/16)
    Lynne 50.18 (mod)
    Penny 42.30 (p+r/5/8) 300m
    Cathy 37.21 (o/5/5) 300m
    Carlie 41.54 (o+p/5/5) 300m
    Lisa 42.52 (p+o/5/5) 300m
    Stu 56.40 (10/10/16)
    Hulk 48.27 5rds rxd
    Paula 30.50 (r/5/12) 5rds
    Dal 46.35 (4/10/12)
    Lauren 46.24 (4/10/12)

    Cliffy 1.17.48 rxd
    Bianca 57.05 rxd
    Paul 58.48 (u/10/10)
    Chase 55.25 (row)
    Shelby 1.24 (mod)
    Sue 52.00
    Ryno 59.43 (12.5/20/16)
    Kazza 1.19.00 rxd
    Alli 53.25
    Richo 44.00 (mod)
    Cal 51.07
    Jenni 41.22 (mod)
    J.D. 58.00 (mod)

    J.F.K 1.00.46 rxd
    Harro 51.22 (U/10/16)
    Simmo 45.40 (5/10/12)
    Kurt.N 48.12 (U/10/16)
    Hayley 40.33 (U/10/12/400m)
    Stevo 53.51 (O/10/16)
    Beck 44.48 (U/10/8)
    Rob 42.49 (mod)
    Mel.P 1.05.07 (U/10/12.5)
    Grant.H 48.50 (U/20/12)
    Mull 56.10 (U/10/9)
    Chazza 1.01.38 (U/10/12)
    Livdogs 55.08 (U/10/8)

    Randy 45.44
    Pete 1.00.44 (12.5/10/16)
    MacDaddy 44.31 (U/10/16/400m)
    Gilli 47.25 (O/10/9)
    Babs 48.42 (R/10/10)
    Corina 40.37 (U/10/8/400m)
    Tanners 46.13 (O/10/8)
    Aido DNF

  2. That was more than ‘strange’ that was tough!! ANYONE who rxd’s this is a machine! Awesome work by the whole morning crew 🙂

  3. Congrats to the Rxd champs today you are bloody awesome and truly inspirational to watch.
    Karen I love your pure grit and determination even through bruises and pain you give it 100% you are one motivated person to watch move mountains!!!
    Go the girl power!!!

  4. Wow this looks brutal. See you at 6pm guys. Gonna hurt tomorrow lol

  5. Constantly battered crackers but worth being purple for the rest of the week. 9.15 session was inspirational. Karen Bianca Paul ryno and sue especially and the rest of the crew team awesome 4551 come get some

    • Constantly Massive. Lucky I have a husband to be who does crossfit and I don’t have to explain these suspicious bruises on my inner thighs

  6. Cliffo and your good tunes!! Love it!! Was great to see you back at the 9.15 smashing the wod out!!!Only you could still smile as you are getting!! How did you put it!!!!!Battered crackers!!!


  7. Guys due to the lengthier WOD tonight the gym will open at 4.15. People are able to come in mobilise and ready to start by 4.45pm. Also to the 6pm crew, as soon as you come in start warming up and be ready to go for your WOD so we can get out at a reasonable hour. Cheers guys

    • Sorry Aido, only just saw this now, at 8pm! Couldn’t have gotten there much earlier, regardless though.

  8. Wow that was a long workout, thanks alot rower!!! Well done everyone that was impressive just to finish!!!